Ninja skillz

August 12, 2010

I realized the other day that if someone read my blog and didn’t know any better (um, like most of you), they’d never know what a silly streak I have in me. Like, I can be a total spaz at times. In the best possible way. It may take me a while to act silly […]

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Do you ever

June 12, 2009

Do you ever… find yourself wondering if you know the person in front of you whose car has a licence plate holder from your alma mater? wish you had enough money to hire a personal stylist/shopper because you don’t feel like your clothes match your personality, but you have no idea what clothes would? wish, […]

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Best accessory ever

September 8, 2008

Let me just say…I’m exhausted! The weekend went spectacularly well–art was sold, contacts made, business done, etc, etc, etc–but gracious it was tiring. 8 hours on Friday getting the show up and ready, 8 hours on Saturday at the show (and no air conditioning–ick), and about 4 hours on Sunday in business meetings. Plus all […]

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