Ask the Internet: Dental Edition

November 23, 2010

Ok, so this might be the most random Ask the Internet ever, but I just cannot decide what I think about this, and outside input would be appreciated. Here’s the deal. I have shitty, shitty teeth. I’ve got almost no enamel left on my front teeth, they’re practically see through, there are hairline cracks in […]

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Made possible by titanium

August 28, 2008

Today, after a year and a half of dealing with it, I finished up the drama that has been my dental implant. Hallelujah! Bright and early this morning, I was plopped down at the dentists’ office getting the crown put on after being toothless for about 18 months. Two things about this. First, the sensations […]

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Neverending dental nightmare

August 3, 2008

Over a year after part 2 of the dental implant process, today I was supposed to have part 3 done–which consists of attaching an exposed metal post to the portion that is in my jawbone. After that, they can (finally) put the crown on. But, of course, nothing with my teeth is ever easy. This […]

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That’s what titanium in my jaw feels like

March 19, 2007

Well, one dental implant, one (unexpected) bone graft, one week of antibiotics & vicodin, and a boatload of stitches later and I’m finally recovering from my lovely little dental procedure last week. They ended up having to do a bone graft with the implant (not planned, and not so fun), and I now have to […]

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To the pain

March 12, 2007

Today is the second part of my dental implant mess. Today is when they go in and actually implant the titanium into my jawbone. Should be good times. Soup for dinner anyone? I’m not looking forward to it (or the next couple of achy days), but I’m thrilled to be taking care of this freaking […]

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