15 things I learned (or relearned) this weekend

April 26, 2010

Having a few people over, spur of the moment, on a Sunday afternoon is the best. Missing out on things I wanted to go to (when it’s my own fault) is NOT the best. Shorts that fit are a great thing. The internet is full of crazy, but damn if it isn’t interesting as all […]

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Fess Up Friday

April 9, 2010

Hey look, I’m doing another daily blog thing! This time it’s Mommy in Chief’s Fess Up Friday Fun, where we get to confess all our sins/secrets/foibles from the week. Hooray! Let’s look at my week in bullet points, mkay? The kid has started moving by army crawling or rolling to his desired location. And I. […]

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I wish

March 22, 2010

…that I didn’t feel so self-conscious wearing hats. I look good in hats. …that we as a nation could disagree politically without getting so nasty …that I wasn’t in between sizes …that the cat would not meow right outside the door of the sleeping baby …that I could capture the joy that a six month […]

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Bits and pieces

March 17, 2010

I don’t get the fervor around St. Patrick’s Day. I mean, if you’re actually Irish, that’s one thing, but otherwise? It just seems like an excuse to get sloppy drunk for no good reason. My neck and back are still screwy. I’ve now seen a doctor, a chiropractor and a massage therapist. Still to come […]

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February 11, 2010

Looks like I’m finally coming up for a little bit of air. And the angels sang out from the heavens. But since I’m not quite 100% through the hell on earth that has been work lately, my brain is just a mishmash of stuff, sooooooo bullets it is: I really, really want to update my […]

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