The other woman

October 28, 2008

Sometimes I feel like my husband’s art is the other woman in our relationship. He comes home late after being with her all night, long after I go to bed. He sheepishly hides receipts for the things he’s bought her. He makes plans with her whenever he has free time. Sometimes he’s too tired from […]

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One car family

September 24, 2008

So, I may have mentioned before, but hubby and I share a car. Yes, here in Southern California. Yes, with our commutes. No, we’re not crazy. I’d like to say it’s because we were thinking about the impact of two cars on the environment, but the reality is, we’re cheap. When we moved to San […]

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Like a kid waiting for Christmas

September 19, 2008

My husband’s been so cute this week. His best friend* is moving to San Diego from Michigan and arrives today after a 5 day trek across country. Every day, N.C.’s given me updates and tells me all about how the trip is going, thanks to daily conversations the two of them have while one is […]

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The Artist’s Wife

August 31, 2008

Hi, my name is Ginger, and I’m married to an artist. “Hi Ginger” My husband, N.C., is an artist. He paints, he draws, he designs, he illustrates. He works on canvas, wood, paper, vinyl toys, and the computer (digital). He does the gallery thing, the freelance thing, the commissioned work thing. And then some. He’s […]

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