Things NOT To Do When You Visit New York

May 23, 2011

Wear a white maxi dress that’s 3 inches too long for you when it’s raining. Eat at Applebee’s. Shop at the Gap as your “I went shopping in New York!” tourist bit. Eat at TGIFriday’s. Walk through those puddles in your flip flops. Eat at Olive Garden. Stick to the hotel bar, restaurant, or lobby […]

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9 Awesome Things About Visiting the Zoo With Your Toddler

May 16, 2011

Walking so much makes the inevitable churro or ice cream more of a “energy boost” and less of a “diet disaster.” Unless your kid is flinging poop at people, you’re pretty much guaranteed that he won’t be the worst behaved mammal in the place. Seeing your kid’s face light up when he realizes that not […]

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What I’ve Learned Recently

May 2, 2011

When meeting new people, it helps greatly if you’ve become friends on Twitter first. (Related: This chick? Is a great lunch date!) 5 hours of shopping will wear a girl out. I remain firmly, and naively, hopeful that moments of history won’t be marred within seconds by politics. My hopes are always dashed. Twitter can […]

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How I Find Time to Blog

April 25, 2011

One of the things that often comes up when I talk about being a working mom is “how do you find time to blog with everything else you have going on?” Well, just like everyone else, I find times and places where I can. My blogs are important to me, more than I ever realized […]

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Lessons I SHOULD Have Learned By Now

April 18, 2011

Old Navy’s clothes haven’t fit right in 10 years. Stop shopping there.   When jeans look threadbare in the crotch, they WILL tear when you least want them to, and when you are the furthest away from home. And embarrass you greatly.   Having caffeine after 7pm means bedtime gets pushed even later than normal. […]

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