What I Learned This Weekend

October 24, 2011

I am more likely to clean if someone is coming over who might judge me. On a related note, it’s AMAZING how much you can get cleaned in an hour if you have to. My child REALLY needs at least two massive sessions of physical activity a day to not be a total pill. Oh, […]

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Signs of Summer

July 18, 2011

Never quite dry swimsuits Doors and windows flung wide open Otter Pops Sand in the car, in the entry way, in the diaper bag Miscellaneous tan lines Sweaters for the office (AC wars!) Cats and dogs driven crazy by the bugs just beyond their reach on the other side of the screen door Tourist traffic […]

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Instead of Writing, I…

June 27, 2011

Was bitten repeatedly by my toddler (stupid 2 year molars). Made a mess in the kitchen trying a couple of new recipes (one success & one failure). Put my toddler to bed (I’m pretty over the hour plus bedtime drama). Watched Sex and the City 2 (there were a few decent parts amongst the HORRIBLE […]

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Toddler vs. Parent: Who Wins This Round?

June 20, 2011

Sleep. Bedtime is taking an hour. Multiple night wakings. Grouchy mommy. Winner: Toddler Food.Toddler rarely eats vegetables, unless hidden in a smoothie. Would be perfectly happy eating cereal and yogurt full time. At least he’ll eat those. Winner: Toddler Dinner as a family. Child refuses to eat sitting down. Wants to graze all day. Would […]

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Pros and Cons of the Beach

June 13, 2011

Pro: Vitamin D can improve mood. Con: The inevitable stripe of skin that didn’t get enough sunscreen getting burned. Pro: Letting the dog run free at the dog beach is great exercise and fun for the dog. Con: Jerk dog owners at the dog beach who encourage their dogs to be aggressive can ruin the […]

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