ControverSunday: Resolutions and Goals

January 2, 2011

A new year, a new ControverSunday! This month we’re tackling resolutions, and in an attempt to reduce what is going to be a long post (don’t say I didn’t warn you), I’m just jumping right in. If you want to join us, you guys know the drill by now, hit up our hostess over at […]

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Operation GOYA

January 4, 2010

A new year, a new set of goals. Woot. My goals for 2010 can pretty much all be summed up under one banner phrase: “Get off yer ass” (GOYA) 2009 was a wonderful year in many, many ways, but it was also one of the most sedentary years in my 30 year life. I didn’t […]

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2009 goals, a year later

December 30, 2009

As 2009 comes to a close, it’s time for a little reflection on whether I achieved the goals I set for myself in 2009. I posted those goals in January, and I think it’s time to see how I did. My own little personal performance review, laid out for the whole world to see. Be […]

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Who needs resolutions when you’ve got goals?

January 5, 2009

I don’t really believe in resolutions. No one ever sticks to them, they tend to just be a way to make you feel bad about yourself until you give up completely and frankly, I’ve never successfully stuck to a single resolution. Goals on the other hand I do believe in, and feel can be beneficial. […]

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