June 10, 2009

This past weekend, N.C. and I boarded a jet plane and flew off to Chicago for a belated anniversary trip (thanks to some airline ticket vouchers and Priceline) that was a sorely needed break from the “real world.” For four whole days, we were without email, blogs, twitter, facebook, anything. It was really nice to […]

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A lovely Saturday tea party

May 17, 2009

Yesterday, I went to an honest to goodness tea party! It’s an annual(ish) tradition that my best friend co-hosts, but this was the first year I’ve been able to attend. I must admit going to party where I know exactly one person has never been something I’m THAT keen on, but the tea party turned […]

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Letters to the world

January 14, 2009

Since I’m still suffering a bit from writer’s block (or maybe I’m just lazy, who knows?), I’m stealing an idea from inspired by two of my favorite blogs, SoMi and Clever Girl Goes Blog. I love reading their letters, and today felt like I had a few inside my brain that should come out. Dear […]

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A few of my favorite things

October 2, 2008

So after the debate tonight, I thought for sure I’d write a political post. I mean, there’s just so much tragic funny stuff there. But for whatever reason, I’m still trying to keep the peace around here in case my family ever reads this, so instead I’m going to go the happy picture route. I thought I’d […]

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Say cheese

August 27, 2008

My birthday ended up being both really awesome, and totally sucky. Bad news first: I ended up with a pretty wicked toothache, so I ended my day with a hydrocodone and bed. Wait, I guess that finished the day off pretty well actually. The toothache bit sucked though, pretty much rendering me grouchy and pissy […]

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