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Wonderful Wednesdays

September 22, 2010

It’s that time again–Wonderful Wednesdays! When we look at the good stuff to get over the hump of the week. So let’s get to it! This week, my wonderful is delightfully shallow and silly. That’s right, it’s the return of a full DVR as all my TV shows come back after summer break. I mean, […]

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It was wonderful, I don’t want it to be over

June 2, 2010

We’re back from our vacation, and I’m in full on mourning mode. Mourning the end of freestyle days and lazy mornings and no cubicles. We had an amazing time, and I don’t want to reenter the real world! I say vacation every day for everyone!! I’ve got a few posts about the trip planned over […]

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Mood boosters

May 19, 2010

I’m in a MOOD. And I don’t want to be in a MOOD anymore. So I’m going to do a post of things I love, like, or that make me giggle. baby belly laughs vacation anticipation (one week folks, one week!) flip flops diet coke the amazing feeling you get when your body wakes you […]

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Finally, it’s here!

May 4, 2010

It only took me something like 18 hours of coding (stupid technology), multiple cries for help, and a beer or two, but the first of my multiple new endeavors is here. It’s not a huge deal, but I’m excited about it. Guys, meet The Essentials. Click through pretty please, if only because coding that damn […]

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My boys

April 13, 2010

I realize I bitch and moan about a lot of different crap on this blog. I use this as a place (in part) to vent about the stuff that I hold inside around the rest of the world, and I love that I can do that. But today, I’m looking at the kid and his […]

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