Ninja skillz

August 12, 2010

I realized the other day that if someone read my blog and didn’t know any better (um, like most of you), they’d never know what a silly streak I have in me. Like, I can be a total spaz at times. In the best possible way. It may take me a while to act silly […]

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In flux

March 18, 2010

I feel like I’m having a third-life crisis (ok, so it doesn’t flow as well as mid-life or quarter life, but whatever). Lately I just want all sorts of CHANGE. I want to change my hair. I want to change my wardrobe. I want to change my job. I want big, drastic changes. Chop all […]

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Guilty party

January 25, 2010

These days, I’m really stressed. (as I may have mentioned). I’m over-worked, and over-tired, and over-stressed. And when I get over-stressed, I tend to become stupidly emotional. Sometimes my stress manifests in anger, sometimes in sadness, and sometimes, like now, in overwhelming guilt. Yup, I get stressed and GUILT is the primary emotion I feel. […]

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Nesting or neurosis?

June 3, 2009

So for the past however many weeks, I’ve been looking at crib bedding. Searching and searching for bedding I like, that N.C. likes, that we feel like we can stand to look at for the next few years. Mainly, I’ve been doing this so that we can choose paint colors and get the nursery painted […]

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Crazy neighbors

November 13, 2008

I’m dragging today, and all thanks to my downstairs neighbors. They like to make dinner around 1am (oh, dear god the smells), but more than that, 1am is their “socializing” time. Since they’re all boys, of course their voices travel. Yeah, so not much sleep for me last night. When I think about it, I’ve […]

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