August 26, 2010

Today is my 31st birthday. I feel…just like I did yesterday. Maybe I’m delusional, but so far getting older doesn’t bother me. Maybe it’s because I see the stuff on the horizon–the things that (possibly) await me in my future–and I’m kind of excited to reach those potentials. Maybe it’s because I don’t regret the […]

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Two years of rambling

August 21, 2010

(photo by D Sharon Pruitt) Today, this little blog is two years old! (Let’s hope we’re not entering the Terrible Twos with my blog, shall we?) I started RambleRamble because I needed my own space to be creative, to have a voice. I needed a place to claim. Two years later, I love this spot […]

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30 and thrilled

August 26, 2009

Today is my 30th birthday! It definitely will be a low-key affair today. No big blow out parties for me to mark a new decade—heck, I don’t even get to have a drink to celebrate! Instead, I’m getting a manicure and a pedicure, going to have a nice dinner, and have been offered baked goods […]

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It’s a bloggy birthday!

August 21, 2009

Today marks the first birthday of my baby blog! Woohoo!! A year ago I wrote this post announcing that I was joining all the cool kids and starting a public blog. I think my husband might have been the only person who read that first post that first day, but it didn’t matter–I needed this […]

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Say cheese

August 27, 2008

My birthday ended up being both really awesome, and totally sucky. Bad news first: I ended up with a pretty wicked toothache, so I ended my day with a hydrocodone and bed. Wait, I guess that finished the day off pretty well actually. The toothache bit sucked though, pretty much rendering me grouchy and pissy […]

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