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I’ve been writing at RambleRamble since 2008. That’s a lot of rambling! To give you some ideas of who I am, what I write about, and what you can expect here, I thought I’d give you some shortcuts, depending on what you’re interested in!

Some of MY favorite posts of all time:
Devastatingly Amazing
Reflections on a year of motherhood
Rocking Chair
Exhale and Laugh
A Moment
Before We All Burn
Writing the Story of Me

I write about motherhood, marriage, & my family… a lot
Talking About Work, Motherhood, and Marriage
Mommy Guilt? Not me
We’re a one car family
She’s a GOOD mom
In My Head, In My Heart

I write about becoming a better me…or at least dealing with who I am:
But I’m Not Sad
Be Bold
Getting Out of My Own Way

I write about blogging/social media:
Writer vs. Blogger
10 Reasons I love blogging
The Weird Idea of Reciprocation
5 Ways to NOT Annoy People on Twitter
7 Awesome Things You Do on Twitter
Removing the Ulterior Motives

Sometimes I’m helpful:
Tips for c-section recovery
The Essentials: Traveling Mom Edition
10 tips for vacationing with an infant (or toddler)
11 tips for pumping moms
Work Smarter, Not Dumber
How I Lost 18 Pounds Without Exercising
6 Ways to Start an Art Collection Without Breaking the Bank

And occasionally, I write about my career in book publishing:
Publishing Myths and Truths for Bloggers
Ways Blogging May Help Your Chances With a Publisher
Inside Publishing: Do You Read All Those Books?
Book Marketing by Day
Publishing Is a Business

I also love to Ask the Internet for advice & spout my opinions on controversial parenting ideas with ControverSunday posts.

*updated August 2012

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love this writer


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“Julia’s Garland” (fr. Guirlande de Julie)


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(palimpsests). In the XIII-XV centuries in


Fenderulo March 13, 2021 at 4:33 pm

from lat. manus – “hand” and scribo – “I write”) ]


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consists of the book itself


Securityrvn June 23, 2021 at 12:57 am

consists of the book itself


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Europe, and in Ancient Russia


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consists of the book itself


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