Optimistic and hopeful

April 8, 2016

I said this on Twitter, but it bears repeating for posterity on the ole blog: I’m unusually and happily optimistic right now. I have this vague sense that something good is RIGHT around the corner for me–what, I don’t know, but I feel like it’s there, just waiting–and I am fairly rolling around in the […]

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Cilantro Lime Rice

April 6, 2016

A few weeks ago, we had 6 *pounds* of carnitas thanks to a rockin deal at the store. I love carnitas, (obviously), but I actually found myself tired of tacos, burritos, carnitas nachos, and eggs with carnitas after about a week. So, I decided to try and replicate a Chipotle burrito bowl. And, as anyone […]

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Spring Break experiment & results

April 4, 2016

Last week was the kid’s Spring Break, which I approached with a little excitement, a little “eh, whatever”, and, I’ll be honest, a little apprehension. A week with no school, no structure, and my fear was that it would turn into a battle about video game and tv time, non-stop. Now, we’re pretty liberal in […]

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Friday Snippets

April 1, 2016

Ok, look, I want to start this whole blogging again thing right, buuuuuut, it’s Friday night and it’s the end of spring break week and basically I just want a beer and to not have anyone say MOMMYYYYYY for a few minutes, so we’re going to do some quick take snippets and call it a […]

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Some musings on musing

March 6, 2016

I miss blogging. I mean, I don’t know that I have much to say these days (life is fairly repetitive here: apply to jobs, do consulting work,  cook dinner, learn SQL, maybe bake, do dishes {my god, the dishes, they never end}, watch tv/read/text with friends, listen to Hamilton, repeat.), but I still miss coming […]

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