Mom Thoughts

Sometimes, parenting is…

November 11, 2015

…spending money on clothes for the kid instead of clothes for you. …realizing you’ve made more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches than you can even count anymore. …finding toys, snacks, and one single kid sized sock in your purse. …being proud of your kid  for working hard and accomplishing something difficult. …waking up to someone […]

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The pants battle (or not)

November 10, 2015

This morning, Jackson came in our room and asked me to get his breakfast ready, as he does pretty much every morning. I was not yet entirely awake (my kid wakes himself up, gets himself dressed, and then comes to wake me or his dad up for his breakfast. I do not expect this series […]

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Parenting through the crazy

November 4, 2015

Those of you with kids, are your offspring…how shall I say this?…infected by demon hell spawn right now? Or is it just mine? I don’t know if it’s the time change, or leftover craziness from Halloween, or a full moon, or mercury in retrograde, or what but the kid has been ABSOLUTELY INSANE lately. Last […]

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Chapter Books and Parenting Fantasies

February 22, 2015

Long before I had a kid, I had fantasies about certain aspects of having a kid. Idealized aspects in most regards, frankly, that included things like “my kid will always be the most well behaved in the room” and “my kid will eat whatever I give him” and the like. Actually HAVING a kid has […]

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Get Your Feet Off Of Me

November 9, 2014

I’m all touched out today. N.C. was up in Pasadena for 1/2 of Saturday and all of Sunday, which meant J & I were at home (sans car). It was mostly fine, really, but doing the solo parenting thing pretty much always leads to me being completely and utterly touched out by the end of […]

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