Celebrating With a Parade in the Street

November 14, 2012

While I was in New Orleans, I was lucky enough to see 3 wedding parades. Technically, it looks like they’re called second line parades, with the brass band being the first line, and the rest of the party being the second line. Anyway, I got to see three while I was there, and lemme tell […]

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Well, First I Saved Him From a Fire

August 10, 2012

Because apparently I need Shalini to come up with all my post ideas this week, I’m once again copying her (hey, she asked for it!) by sharing the story of how N.C. & I met. I’m not saying it’s interesting, I’m just saying it’s a story. And one I’ve wanted to get down in words […]

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As The Waves Crash

June 13, 2012

He’s holding my hand, standing at the shoreline as the waves pulse around our feet, watching his daddy swim out into the crashing breakers. He wants to go out to him, wants to be a part of the action, but the enormity of the ocean gives him pause, a hesitation he displays in little else […]

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My Mr. Right

May 25, 2012

I always knew I wanted to get married and have kids. As a lifelong nurturer, it was something that I always felt was right for me. But there was never a specific Mr. Right at the end of that wish, no guy I dreamed up in my head who all guys were compared to. There […]

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What Love Is

February 14, 2012

The first time I met my husband, I had no idea we’d end up together. He was a ridiculous college freshman (sorry honey, but you were), and I think I ended up rolling my eyes at him more than anything else. But things (and people) change and grow, and here we are 14 years after […]

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