Date Night

August 24, 2013

Tonight is a date night, and wheeeeee, am I excited! Four whole hours to talk with my husband without a little person interrupting, or climbing on me, or trying to distract us! Four hours dressed up in a dress, heels, some nice makeup & some shiny lip gloss, where I can be a grown up […]

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I Wish We Were Together But We Sorta Are

May 28, 2013

Yesterday was my 7th wedding anniversary. I spent it 2800 miles away from my husband. I know, wah-wah poor me. But I will admit that I’m bummed that our only interaction on our anniversary was a 5 am wakeup, and breakfast from the McDonalds drive through on the way to the airport with some groggy […]

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Life With Them

May 15, 2013

Tonight, we went out to dinner to celebrate N.C.’s very successful Purge show–months of work that has a good amount of sales is always worth celebrating. When we walked into the restaurant, they had a musician (or 2? I never got a good look) who was playing, and the vibe was relaxed and happy and […]

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November 24, 2012

Having an entire day with my husband was exactly what I…what WE needed. We enjoyed food and drink, but mostly we enjoyed each other’s company. After today, it’s back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life (including calling all the people we missed by turning our phones off), but we both feel recharged and […]

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Out of Office

November 23, 2012

Hi, you’ve reached Ginger. I’m out of the office today, November 23. I’ve got the hardship of things like this: With this guy: It’s very sad, clearly.

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