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And So It Ends

May 31, 2013

Well today marks my final day of my #bringbackthewords challenge, and somehow, someway, I did it. It’s been (mostly) fun (for me)(hope you haven’t minded). The whole exercise has really served to remind me that 1)I really love writing here 2)writing is a muscle you have to exercise and train and keep limber 3)I have […]

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So What Do You Do About the White Noise?

May 8, 2013

Warning! Warning! Blog post about blogging ahead! Ok, warning out of the way: Shalini over at Reading and Chickens wrote a post today about the White Noise of blogging. Go read it. No really, I’ll wait. Because my entire post is based on her post. *does some chair dancing jamming out to Daft Punk* Ok, […]

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What to Say, How to Say It

May 3, 2013

I just wrote this whole other post. It was good too! It was thoughtful, and well written, and I even had appropriate metaphors and stuff. I linked to articles and other blog posts. It was about me, but in a way that maybe you would relate to it! And then I got done, and reread […]

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Some Whining, and Operation Bring Back the Words

April 30, 2013

I miss my brain. No, really. I miss the words that used to live in my brain. The thoughts I used to have. The ideas that used to occur to me. All that seems gone now, sacrificed so that I have a brain for my job. Which, I NEED to have a brain for my […]

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A Question That Has Me Thinking

March 18, 2013

So here’s a question for you.* Say you have a friend who isn’t on social media–no blog, no Twitter, minimal private Facebook mostly used to keep photos of the family flowing to distant relatives. This friend goes through some kind of struggle or tragedy or challenge. And because you care about your friend and want […]

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