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by Ginger on March 26, 2017

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It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. I’m not sure anyone even cares about blogs anymore (is there anybody out there?), but man my mental state wishes I wrote here more often.

Things at work have been tough. Things in the world are tough. I don’t know how to make any of it better, but I always feel better when I write. So I’m trying to write.


I’m picking my marketing consulting business back up (know anyone who needs marketing help? Send ’em my way! My rates are super reasonable!), and that’s interesting–it uses different parts of my brain than my day job. Or, I guess more accurately, it uses the same parts in really different ways. It’s fun though–most of my clients are small businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives and helping them with ANY part of marketing is a kick.


The kid is both super awesome lately, and also a TOTAL pill. He’s such a sweet, fun, silly kid, except when he’s not, and that part where he’s not is a real challenge for N.C. and me. At least I know why  at least 1/2 my gray hairs are sprouting?


My Wildcats lost their Sweet Sixteen game the other day. I really thought this was their year to go further, but they totally got outplayed.

Maybe next year.


Oh, speaking of the kid, some of his sayings/comments of late:

“Get WRECKED son!” (usually said when trash talking with his dad during games)

“Did you know everything in the world is beautiful? Even if it doesn’t seem like it?”

“Don’t kill that mosquito! It’s a living thing!”


The cat is…getting on in years. He’ll be 17 this year, and he’s finally showing his age. He’s got some renal disease happening, plus some hip nonsense happening & we’re seeing him show some pain these days. With all the rain we’ve had this winter especially, it’s been more common to see him limping along on rainy days (sorta like me!). It’s hard to see Bailey starting to slow down and show pain. I can’t help but wonder how much more time we’ll have with him.


In frivolous things:

–I’m loving Essie’s Gel Coutoure line. I do NOT get 14 days of wear, but I usually get 5-6, which for me is super duper long. I also really love how it goes on–I can legit do my nails in under 15 minutes with this stuff, including drying time. I’ve even had success using the top coat with other polishes & extending the wear time on those (ex: my Julep polishes, which I have a zillion of, usually last maaaaybe 2 days, and usually start peeling off in sheets. With the Essie Gel top coat,  I’ve gotten 4-6 days with minimal tip wear only. I’ll take it).

–I need a new foundation. I’ve liked (in the past) UD Naked, IT Cosmetics CC cream, It Cosmetics CC Powder, and my beloved discontinued Cover Girl Clean Whipped foundation. Do you have one you love & want to share with me?

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