by Ginger on April 11, 2016

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Some recent kid-isms & funny moments:

“Mommy! Guess what? I tried chard today at school, and I LOVE IT! Can we get some chard?”


Setup: kid has picked out about 6 stuffed animals to sleep with. 4 of them are “kids,” 2 of them are “mommy & daddy.” All stuffed animals have to be put in a particular order before going to sleep. Usually, it’s by size–on this night, it was the daddy, then the mommy, then all the kids. The kids sort of ended up piled up on top of the mommy.

Jackson: Here’s the daddy, here’s the mommy, here’s all the kids.

Me: Room for everyone!

Jackson: Well, the kids all kind of pile all over the mommy. That’s sort of what happens, right mom? The kids all hang all over the mommy. It’s just like it’s real!


“Mommy, that snack is TOTES what I need.”


“Mommy can I have another plate of chard?”


“Mommy, I really liked Star Wars, but the sound of the lightsabers is too scary.”


“No guys, it’s pronounced KA-RA-TE.” (insert eyeroll)


“Good job mommy! You’re normally way worse at this video game!”


“Bunny (he got a small stuffed bunny in his Easter basket) makes my day so much happier. I just like to squeeze bunny when I need to feel happy.”


Wailing “I’m not trying to be mean! I’m just so…so…HANGRY.”

(he comes by it honestly)


“Mommy, I just love you and daddy so much. You make me happy, and love me, and I love you.”

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