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by Ginger on November 20, 2015

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Look at that, three weeks in a row!

This week’s recommendations are sort of all over the place, with no thematic link. YAY! (also, they’re pretty short, because I’m suddenly exhausted down to my bones and want to go take a quick nap before the child gets home). SO! Let’s get cracking!

Freeup Massage Cream I bought this recently to try and help me do some massage on my scars from the surgery. This is the stuff my physical therapist used, and so when I started getting tired of futzing with lotion, I decided to splurge and buy this for myself. I’m so glad I did, because it’s freaking awesome. It glides way better than lotion does, and it doesn’t get greasy like oils do, and a little bit goes a LOOONNNGGGGG way. (No seriously, I probably use an amount about the size of the tip of my pinkie nail for all 3 scars on my foot. The other day, I used it to massage my calf, and it only took an amount that was the tip of my index finger. I will probably never go through this whole jar). If you do home massage very often, or if you have any scars that need massaging like I do, I highly recommend this stuff!

You need a dose of fun, right? Here, watch this:

And I think we could all use a dose of love (but watch out, you might need tissues).

I mentioned this on Instagram a while back, but I wanted to mention it here. I’m not a fan of seltzer water, even flavored ones. I wish I could get on the La Croix train, but it’s just…not for me. HOWEVAH. I recently came across an old favorite, pretty much the only seltzer I’ve ever liked.

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Apparently, Original New York Seltzer is making a comeback–I have found these in 3 different stores locally, which makes me a happy girl. I’ve also seen it on Amazon, but it has a ridiculous shipping price (those glass bottles though!), so as long as I can get them locally I’ll do that instead.

Also, speaking of my little addition in that caption, THIS is my newest favorite alcohol.

Absolut Hibiskus

It’s actually hibiscus & pomegranate, and it has been delicious in just about everything I’ve tried it with: the aforementioned seltzer, lemonade, pink lemonade, fruit juice, sprite, squirt, and I think I added it to pineapple juice too. All delicious, and manages to feel kinda fancy too. If you can find it, I highly recommend.

Alright, that seems like a good place to end on a Friday. Cheers all!

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