Hope and humanity

by Ginger on November 14, 2015

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It always seems so pointless to try and say anything after tragedy. Not talking about it seems false–it’s largely been on my mind today, and anything else I’ve done just feels petty to write about today (to me). But to try and talk about what happened…well, sometimes there’s just not a lot to say that that doesn’t drive you into a pit of fear and despair. Or isn’t just wailing at the world or that hasn’t been said better by other people. Articulating my thoughts seems impossible, and also futile, and also a recipe for frustration at my inability to really express what I’m thinking.

What happened in Paris was horrifying. And terrifying. Both of which are exactly what they are meant to be. The targets were strategic that way: music, sports, food, wine, companionship, joy. Any city in the world, any of us could have been at these kinds of places. On a Friday night. Last night my family went to a gallery show, in a large metropolitan city, on a street crowded with restaurants and people and it was no different than what hundreds of people in Paris did last night. And making that connection to how similar it is to what we were doing? That’s just one of the many ways that it is meant to cause terror to the world that is watching.

But in the midst of the terror, there is hope and humanity. The first responders. The Parisians who opened their homes, and stores, and cafes to each other. The taxi drivers who drove riders for free. The people who provided aid and comfort to one another. Those who pushed past their fear on a night of terror and opened their hearts.

I have a million thoughts in my head today, most of which I can’t fully articulate (including some sharp and ok, flat out angry judgments about some of the responses I’ve seen), but that hope and humanity is what I’m choosing to focus on today. Especially in times of tragedy, may we have more thoughtfulness than disregard, more hope than fear, more connection than division, more love than hate.

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