Three things I want

by Ginger on November 12, 2015

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Health and Wellness Edition:

  1. A leg, hip, & lower back massage. I’ve had a wonky gait since March. I wore a boot for 6 months. I spent 6 weeks on a knee scooter. My hips, back, and legs are kinda jacked up. And the calf muscles and tendons on the surgery leg are so sore and so tight after all this, they’re just crying out for a massage.
  2. A full night of sleep. Hashtag SHUT UP BRAIN.
  3. A wobble board. This was the tool from physical therapy that I felt gave me the best bang for my buck as far as stretching & working on range of motion. (I *am* planning on getting one, I just need to find the right one, that isn’t a zillion dollars. My pt gave me some guidelines about size of the rounded bottom part & I just haven’t been able to find one that works yet that isn’t super $$).

Vanity Edition:

  1. Haircut and color with my old stylist. I’ve been making box color and cheapo haircuts work for now, but both make me sad. The haircut especially, it’s just not a great cut, and it makes me angry every time I have to try and make it do what I want it to. Sadly, this is definitely something that will have to wait until I have full time employment again.
  2. Some new shirts that don’t have some kind of stain or grease spot on them. Hashtag life with kids. Hashtag if I’m eating it I’m wearing it.
  3. New shoes that aren’t just sneakers. Buying the nice sneakers was the best money I’ve spent in a while, since they are the ONLY thing I wear. Every day. All day long. But I do actually need some new shoes, since I can’t wear almost all of my old shoes and I can’t wear sneakers EVERYWHERE. But since they need to be actual quality (look, I love Target, but the shoes aren’t exactly the most supportive/best for your feet), they’ll have to wait for a bit.

Parenting Edition:

  1. A night without a meltdown.
  2. A day where my kid doesn’t try to bargain on every little thing with us.
  3. School schedules that aren’t so insane. Look, it’s not a big deal right now because I’m unemployed, but for real, the early releases and short schedules and days off and events at 9 am and 11 am and 12:45 pm and 3 pm are just ridiculous for parents who have any kind of job or daily obligation.

Personal Edition

  1. More local friends. (this one’s on me, I know. but it still sucks sometimes).
  2. A vacation with my husband. We didn’t do any vacationing this year, in part because of all the foot/surgery stuff and in part because we were saving up for a BIG trip next year (our 10th anniversary)–we were going to go to Italy, a place I’ve always wanted to go, and which we’ve never managed to make happen. Well, now  it’s probably not going to happen, or if we DO find some way to do it after I find a job, it would likely be way later in the year next year, and oh man, could we both use a vacation. Together. Just the two of us. It’s been a rough year, in a lot of ways, and we could just really use the time together.
  3. A job. Duh.

Ok, so this has actually made me really curious. What are three things YOU want right now?


Tragic Sandwich November 13, 2015 at 6:16 am

“School schedules that aren’t so insane. Look, it’s not a big deal right now because I’m unemployed, but for real, the early releases and short schedules and days off and events at 9 am and 11 am and 12:45 pm and 3 pm are just ridiculous for parents who have any kind of job or daily obligation.”

Yes. So very much yes.

As for my three things:

1) To be well enough to build up some sick time. Last month I used up all of the time I had accrued, and I now have 20 minutes of sick time. I’m not exaggerating–I literally have 20 minutes. My workplace is very generous with the PTO, but pneumonia really did a whammy not just on me, but on my infrastructure.

2) A babysitter who Baguette will be willing to spend time with. We get to maybe one movie a year, and we do that by planning a day to take off of work.

3) A shorter commute. I have supervisors who are very, very accommodating about my schedule, but the commute is really long. On the other hand, that’s what it takes to get to the job with the accommodating supervisors, and I can’t count on that at a new job.

Cherie November 13, 2015 at 7:15 am

Good question. I’m assuming these aren’t necessarily things we can make happen, right?

1) A house that isn’t a disaster zone. Our house is always a half-built mess, but now we’re putting on an ADDITION (don’t ask) and it’s going so slowly that I want to die. Everything is a mess and there are tools everywhere. Worst of all, this isn’t something I can help with so I have no control over changing it. I had dreams of having a nice Christmas house this year and nope. Not gonna happen. Perhaps I should stack up the scrap wood into a tree shape?

2) A new presidential election cycle. I try not to pay attention, but I just keeping looking at every available option and saying “This is it? THESE are all our choices?” Can we just scrap the entire thing and start over fresh?

3) Everyone in my house to stop working against me. From kid fights over bedtime to husband fights over the %&$^# addition to general “Oh my god, why are there socks on the living room floor AGAIN?” it would be nice if everyone would just go with the current, not against it. Stop fighting the current! (I am the current in this metaphor which, I know, doesn’t make sense when it’s three against one but MY current is the correct current, okay?)

Carmen November 13, 2015 at 11:58 am

Three things…hmmm..

1) a renovated house. I want bigger bedrooms, larger bathrooms with fancy bathtubs & showers, and a re-done kitchen. Or, you know, should we win the lottery, a new house entirely. 🙂
2) more time in the evenings. We get home from work at 5:30 and the kids go to bed at 8:00. That’s not a lot of time for fighting about homework, cajoling them into having a shower, spending a bit of time hanging out, etc.
3) a tidier house. This would entail people putting stuff away when they use it and not just dropping it where they stand and walking away. This could also be managed by people just taking 10 minutes out of their day to tidy stuff up, without complaint, rather than spending 9 minutes whining and complaining and one minute moving the socks from the living room floor to the laundry hamper.

Imogen November 18, 2015 at 4:27 pm

3 big things: a job, a girlfriend, contentment.

3 impossible things: people in my life who died not to have died, my ex to have worked things out with me rather than just dumping me (6 days after my dad died) with no real explanation despite 18 months together, my estranged siblings not to have done awful things they did.

On a more positive note -3 things I want and can actually have in the near future: sleep, pizza, time with friends.

Ps. It’s good to check in and have so many blog posts from you to read! I hope you get some of the things you want asap xx.

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