The pants battle (or not)

by Ginger on November 10, 2015

in Mom Thoughts

This morning, Jackson came in our room and asked me to get his breakfast ready, as he does pretty much every morning. I was not yet entirely awake (my kid wakes himself up, gets himself dressed, and then comes to wake me or his dad up for his breakfast. I do not expect this series of events to last, but I will take it while I’ve got it), but something seemed amiss to me. And then I realized.

“Bud, you can’t wear shorts today. It’s going to be cold.*”

(*yes, yes, I know low 60’s isn’t cold to the rest of the world)

“But mommy, I don’t have any pants.”

Uhhh, no. Surely that can’t be possible? I mean, the kid has to have pants, right?

And he did! One pair of pants, one pair of jeans (both bordering on too small for him) and no pairs of his beloved “soft pants” i.e. athletic pants. Cue the battle scene, whereby wearing any pants that are not soft pants are clearly made of spikes and daggers and will cause him grievous harm. But he didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t send him to school in shorts when it was currently 54 degrees, and I had neglected to check his stash of pants.


Turns out, we need to buy him some fall/winter clothes. Like, immediately. Now, IN MY DEFENSE, until recently we were dealing with weather that bottomed out at low 70’s, well within my kid’s need for shorts still. My little dude runs HOT, and gets super overheated as he runs around. Shorts are necessary if it’s above 68-70, lest he spontaneously combust. But, ah, I still kind of failed in general at the whole “appropriate clothing for my kid” thing. Which, to be honest, seems to be a regular downfall of mine. I’ll look up one day and realize none of his clothes fit, or that his shoes have holes in them, or that oops, apparently he needs weather appropriate clothing. In this case, he needs some “soft pants” (and a few pairs of jeans for the times I force him to dress  a smidge nicer than normal), so he’ll wear something besides his “soft shorts.”

Clothes are not something we like to battle about in my house. Do I sometimes wish my kid wanted to look stylish & polished? Sure. Do I want to fight about it? Not a chance in hell. He’s a busy, active kid. He runs and jumps and moves, and he gets DIRTY when he does. Except on rare occasions (picture day, mostly), he gets to pick what he wears, what he’s comfortable in, as long as it’s 1) clean to start with, 2) free of holes and tears and 3) fits him (well enough). I do have to bug him to wear pants when it gets colder, but other than that, what he chooses is what he chooses. But that’s all pretty dependent upon making sure that he has clothes that are appropriate, that fit him, that are clean. The picking what to wear falls on him, the rest? That’s up to his dad & me.

So, uh, maybe I need to put a reminder in my calendar e to buy him seasonally appropriate clothes before the exact day he needs them?


Lisa November 10, 2015 at 5:54 pm

I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this! I suddenly realize all of O’s long sleeve shirts are too small at the beginning of fall. oops.

nicoleandmaggie November 10, 2015 at 6:31 pm

I just let mine wear shorts if it’s above say, 50 degrees. He also likes to do this thing where he wears shorts and a long-sleeve shirt, which I figure is just as good as pants and a short sleeve shirt.

Every single time we’ve been at target in the past 3 months, I’ve asked, “Do you need more long pants” and every single time he says, “no.” And then I’ll probe and he’ll list his pants, and it sounds like enough. Especially after we had the conversation that although it was not ok to wear ripped pants at his old private school, nobody in public school cares.

But we do end up with days in which he has no pants and has to wear shorts. But whatever. It’s probably making him stronger.

Tragic Sandwich November 10, 2015 at 8:19 pm

Baguette wears t-shirts and leggings. That’s her entire wardrobe. We went to a friend’s wedding recently, and I was astonished that I managed to find a dress that she was not only willing, but enthusiastic to wear. Sometimes the t-shirts are long-sleeved, and sometimes the leggings are capris or shorts, but the truth is that it’s all t-shirts and leggings, and only the very softest will do.

Cloud November 10, 2015 at 10:18 pm

We had a very similar discussion here this morning, only it was about long sleeved shirts. My 8 y.o. wore a Christmas shirt to school because that was the only clean long sleeved shirt she had.

And then she told me off when she got home because she was too hot. I didn’t require her to wear the long sleeved shirt. I just suggested it! And in my defense, I wore a sweater and was still cold most of the day.

Anyway, she and I have a “special day” tomorrow because school has a holiday and her little sister wants to visit her old day care. We might be going shopping.

april November 11, 2015 at 6:07 am

We had this issue before taking the kids to DC. I realized the day before the trip that they had no long sleeved shirts or pants or …. yeah it was an expensive day.

Emma November 11, 2015 at 6:40 pm

Ha! Yes! The weather is awful this time of year. It’s 4o in the morning and 65 by lunch time. Or one day it is 75 and the next day it’s 50.

We’ve run into this issue every year, so this summer I tried to be REALLY good about getting extras of everything before the weather got crazy. My oldest has so much variety and we have not (yet) run short of anything except PJs, which I’m ok with him wearing a bit dirty as long as they haven’t been peed on/in.

The kicker now is that my oldest hates everything I bought. He’s suddenly particular about what he wears. And I was so focused on my oldest I’ve realized that my youngest doesn’t have enough pants 😉

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