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by Ginger on November 6, 2015

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It’s Friday, and that seems like as good a reason as any to share some recommendations with you all. Get your clicking fingers ready!

First up, my friend Caitlin has put together her annual, utterly amazing Holiday Gift Guide. No, no, really, this is the ultimate gift guide, filled with things for just about anyone on your shopping list. There’s also a link to last year’s gift guide, which is just as fabulous, so really, you’re getting about a zillion (give or take) awesome gift ideas. Aaand you might find a thing or two to put on your own wish lists (I know I did).

Next up, another friend of mine, Melanie, has a couple of ventures that I think are super cool. Tungsten Hippo is a site where Melanie shares short ebook recommendations (160 pages or less). They span fiction and non-fiction, and lots of genres and categories within each. It’s hard to find places where you can get recommendations of books this length, so this is a really cool resource! The other one is Annorlunda Books, which is the publishing company Melanie started specifically to publish shorter books. I really recommend checking out what they’ve published so far (I’ve got Unspotted & Okay, So Look on my to-read list myself). Oh, and if you’re a writer who has a good novella length project, you should look into submitting to Annorlunda too!

How about some entertainment recommendations? Right now, Amazon is doing their Pilot Season, where you can check out the pilot episodes of shows they’re considering making their next original show. I watched a couple of them last night, and I found myself really intrigued by Good Girls Revolt.  Based on the book Good Girls Revolt: How the Women of Newsweek Sued Their Bosses and Changed the Workplace,  it’s a combo of fantastic costume design, feminist stories (complete with utterly punchable men), and some mesmerizing characters. There are some of the typical pilot foibles, but I found myself actually turning off my computer to really watch because I was just so intrigued. Go watch it, and let me know what you think (and then vote for it, because I would LOVE to see it become a full season series! (There’s also some really interesting backstory on the show, if you’re interested in the gender imbalance in Hollywood.)

Another show that I watched for the Amazon Pilot Season was One Mississippi, a very dark dry “comedy” (the way that Transparent is a comedy, if you’ve seen that show) loosely based on Tig Notaro’s life. I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Tig recently, ever since watching the documentary (aptly called Tig) about her. Side note: the documentary is utterly fabulous, but also devastating. I sobbed through parts of it. You should watch it, but be warned. Anyway, One Mississippi continues my infatuation w/Tig, and if you like that weird dark, dry, dramedy, you should check it out (and vote for it too).

So! Those are my recommendations for today. Got any for me?

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