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by Ginger on October 13, 2015

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It’s been almost 4 months since my surgery, I finished up the last of my physical therapy a couple of weeks ago, so I thought a final update on how things are going was in order, mostly for memory purposes.

Short (super short!) review: Sprained ankle ->tore tendon -> had surgery to repair tendon, during surgery also had a bone spur & a neuroma removed, and an internal ligament brace put in -> 4 weeks full non-weight bearing -> 2 weeks very limited weight bearing -> 8 weeks physical therapy. Whew.

So where are am I now?

To start with, I’m walking. Everywhere and all the time. I marvel at it every day. Like, I just…get up and walk. No walker, no crutches, no boot, like some kind of MAGIC. I can just get up and go from here to there. WHO KNEW SUCH MYTHICAL THINGS WERE POSSIBLE?

That’s not to say things are all back to normal. For one, I still can’t really do barefoot too much–it’s too much stress on the tendon apparently–so I pretty much wear my tennis shoes from the minute I wake up until I go to bed (although I take them off throughout the day when I have my feet up to a)get some air & b)take the socks of doom off *more on this in a minute). I wear them with my pajamas around the house at night, which is quite a look, but it’s really still necessary.

I did buy new shoes because SURPRISE my foot is about a whole size bigger than it used to be, which is SUPER fun let me tell you. I splurged and got some really good shoes, which given how many hours in the day I wear them, was a good call. I don’t think that the size will stay that way long term, but for now, these shoes are a welcome addition.

Things I’m still dealing with:

  • swelling when I go too long without elevating, or when I walk too much, or when it’s too hot, especially in my toes.
  • numbness in my toes. This likely will not go away, at least not fully, because to remove the neuroma, they remove some of the nerve. I’m…bummed about that, but oh well. There’s also this SUPER weird sensation of something pulling on the bottom of my foot. It feels like a string pulling directly between my toes into the ball of my foot. SUPER weird.
  • some pulling (probably scar tissue adhesion?) & weird nerve-y sensations in one of the scars on my ankle.
  • the occasional zinger of pain that shoots up my leg when I step a little off center, or just when I put too much stress/strain/weight on the one foot. I…do not enjoy this. It is pretty intense, but short lived, but seriously intense. I will be glad when this stops.

All of this is all normal, and will (hopefully, mostly) fade over time. I’m continuing to do exercises at home, trying to massage the scars to break up scar tissue, and just keep on keeping on. I still have to be really aware of HOW I’m walking–where I put my foot, how I shift my weight, what I’m stepping on. One of the things I’ve had to really learn through this process is to slow down & be intentional with my body & the times I get myself into trouble anymore is when I try to rush & just…go. Nope. Not at the point where I can just mindlessly go.

But when I think about where I was even a month ago, much less 4…man it’s just so much better. Working feet, WHO KNEW?

I still have a long way to go until things are at full working capacity. Doc & physical therapist both told me that it’ll probably be a full year before some of this stuff fully fades/is “normal.” Some things will likely never be the same (that whole numbness thing, high heels are probably dunzo, no more unsupportive flip flops, that kind of thing), but the new normal will be ok. It involves WALKING, so how could it not?

Thank you, everyone, for all your support (and for listening to me bitch for the past many many many months) during this. It’s been a challenging, frustrating, irritating time, but having you guys around to lean on has helped me through it all. And now, no more nonsense about my foot!

nonsequiturchica October 14, 2015 at 12:45 pm

Wow. I’m sorry that you had to go through- and are continuing to go through- all of this. How the heck have you been able to parent?

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