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by Ginger on June 5, 2015

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I keep wanting to come here and write, but then the only things I think about lately are 1) my foot and 2) work and 3) money and 4) my kid and I can’t make words happen about anything else, so let’s just go ahead and catch up on those things, shall we?

1) My foot. I’ve got one more week of PT before I see my doctor again. I’m not necessarily encouraged, mostly because I have seen little to no improvement in pain in 2 of the 3 areas (the 2 that are directly related to the torn tendon), and in fact have seen some pain getting worse in 1 of those 2 areas, so. Yeah. We’ll find out more next Friday, and I swear there’s a countdown clock in my head to that day.

1a) So one of the things I’ve learned, and whoo boy is it inconvenient in this case, is that NSAIDS can actually hinder tendon healing. So those 2 months I was hobbling around and gulping down Advil & other NSAIDS actually may have been doing me a disservice. I stopped a while back because they were upsetting my stomach, but probably would have just kept at it otherwise. Add this to the list of reasons I’m mad at the first doctor for completely dismissing me.

1b) I’m really tired of a 15 minute trip to the grocery store to pick up limes and milk and bread (because we’re now a family that goes through at least 2 loaves of bread a week, when did that happen?) hurting me for 2 days afterwards.

1c) No really. One of the goals written in my chart for PT is “able to go to grocery store with no increase in baseline pain.” So far, I’m nowhere close to that goal, AND IT’S A LAME GOAL.

2) Work. My new job remains awesome, and working from home is all that I imagined and more! That being said, I am DEFINITELY stretching brain muscles I’ve either never stretched or not in a long time. In a lot of ways, I’m working harder than I’ve worked maybe ever, but in really good ways that make me feel like I’m accomplishing things and learning things and it’s good, but oh my brain is mush by the end of the week.

3) Money. Let’s just leave it at: I kind of hate people who pay freelancers/contractors/artists late. That is all.

3a) Also, being a grown up is super lame, and the IRS is super lame, and medical bills are lame, and yeah. Lame lame lame.

3b) I cannot WAIT to not be paying for J’s school every month. It’s gonna feel like a major raise!

4) My kid. My kid is awesome. His school is winding down, and he is just this awesome little dude who likes to read books, and do math, and “actually mommy, I like all the parts of school, except when I get consequences for doing things I’m not supposed to. But all the learning things, I like that all.” His next year situation is EXCEEDINGLY frustrating, which I may do a rant about sometime soon if only because OMG IT IS DRIVING ME BONKERS, but man, this kid is just…he’s a cool little dude.

4a) As awesome as he is, he’s also a complete pill sometimes. Right now, we’re in a fairly robust backtalk & complete disinterest in complying with requests phase & man does it challenge my patience. And I’m a pretty patient parent, but having the 5 year old say, “Um, nope, I’m not going to do that.” makes me twitch. (He is learning that, ahahhaha, yeah that doesn’t fly, but I do wish he would learn just a smidge faster).

4b) He’s a little barnacle lately, particularly to me–he wants to cuzzle or sit on my lap or sit next to me or lay on me or in some way shape or form be touching me ALL the time. There’s a balance I try to strike in my head between “ahhh, I’ll enjoy this while it lasts, because it won’t be forever” and “DEAR GOD CHILD STAAAHHHPPPPP TOUCHING ME!” When I’m not completely touched out though? Yeah, cuzzling with a little boy who lights up when he sees you, really is kind of the best.

So! What’s up with you?

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