Get Your Feet Off Of Me

by Ginger on November 9, 2014

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I’m all touched out today.

N.C. was up in Pasadena for 1/2 of Saturday and all of Sunday, which meant J & I were at home (sans car). It was mostly fine, really, but doing the solo parenting thing pretty much always leads to me being completely and utterly touched out by the end of the solo stint.

In general, J is more “touchy” with me than with N.C.–some of that is that I let it go more than N.C. does, but I think some of it has just always been that way. I mean, there’s some precedent there, what with pregnancy and nursing and whatnot.

But man, sometimes, I just need to not be touched. Or leaned on. Or bumped into. Or grabbed. Or climbed over. Or tackled. I love cuzzling with him, and hugs, and kisses , but it’s all the other touching that gets to be too much. Death by a thousand papercuts kind of thing.

Tonight I ended up yelling at Jackson, when he put his *feet* on my *face* for the *third* time over the course of the day. I had told him each time not to do that, why I didn’t like it, and to not do it again. I feel bad about yelling, I do (I always feel bad about yelling), but FEET. ON MY FACE. COME ON.

We’re doing lots of talking in lots of different ways about how people’s bodies are their own, that we can’t just touch people whenever we want, that we need to keep our hands off other people unless they say it’s ok, and even then it’s not always ok (J is both a lovey kid who gives hugs out like they’re candy even to people he barely knows, and also a really physical kid who likes to tackle people when he plays). But beyond how difficult those concepts are for him to internalize, the idea that Mommy might also not want to be touched all the time might as well be as foreign as…I dunno, breathing jello instead of air.

I know he’ll eventually get the concept, or, more accurately, that he’ll internalize the concept (he *gets* it now, but as a small person with poor impulse control, it doesn’t always stick). And I know that some day he’ll want to be as far away from his gross parents as possible, jeez mom stop hugging me.

For now though, I could occasionally use a little bubble. Or, at the bare minimum, no feet. on. my. face.

Jesabes November 10, 2014 at 6:30 am

Every morning after Thomas leaves for work, Paul climbs into my bed just to touch my hair. And probably kick me. I feel like a bad parent when I’m telling my kid to “GET AWAY” before even getting out of bed, but…little boys can be too much sometimes.

Tragic Sandwich November 10, 2014 at 7:08 am

Baguette can be All Over Me All The Time. I try to remember that there will come a day when she wants nothing to do with me, but it doesn’t always help.

Tragic Sandwich November 10, 2014 at 7:10 am

Okay, I typed that and she IMMEDIATELY crawled into my lap and did a backbend over my arm.

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