The Snowball

by Ginger on November 8, 2014

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What is it about the end of the year that feels like somebody put everything on fast forward? Even ignoring the 3 weeks I lost to the trial, it’s just that time of year where everything comes in quick succession–Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything that comes in between.

In a couple of weeks, N.C. & I are going to New York–he has a solo show at a gallery there, so we’re going for the opening (we’re going to be leaving J with his grandmom in Vegas, and we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with her when we get back)–and it occurred to us the other day that…uh, that’s in, like, 2 weeks? When did that happen? We’ve been talking about this for months and months, but it feels like we should still have another few months before it’s here, not less than 15 days.

One of the things I always struggle with in the holiday season is how frantic it all becomes. I love Christmas, always have, but it always feels like the absolute madness that tends to come in the lead-up is in direct opposition with the serenity that I feel like it SHOULD have. Even when we try to take it easy, even just the stuff involved with keeping up with everything at J’s school, and mailing gifts, and stuff with my work all seems to snowball into something we just barely keep up with.

And here we are, and it’s suddenly November and the snowball has already started moving down the hill.


april November 10, 2014 at 5:35 am

I think the snowball is specifically why I prefer to start the season early. I like referring to Thanksgiving and Christmas together as the “holiday season”, I like starting to decorate early. I don’t buy my Christmas gifts year round like the smart person would, but I start seriously thinking about what to get people right after Halloween. It is much more soothing to me that way.

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