Birthdays at 35 versus 5

by Ginger on August 27, 2014

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Another year older, another year wiser, or some such nonsense. Yup, another birthday has come and gone & though this one was a bit of a milestone, I still feel…the same I did at 34.

Although I did buy myself an all new skincare regimen last week. Ok, maybe I’m a *bit* of a cliche.

Contrast that with my almost 5 year old, to whom birthdays are a magical, mystical EVENT. I remember that feeling of being a kid, where the anticipation of a birthday is second only the the anticipation of Christmas morning. And sure, some of it was about the gifts, but some of it was also just about that thrill of getting older. A WHOLE EXTRA YEAR, the joy!

I enjoy my birthday (especially now when I can buy myself a cocktail to celebrate), but that thing when you’re a kid is in a different stratosphere. I mean, sure, I can buy myself pretty awesome birthday gifts, which is definitely a nice perk, but I do occasionally miss that anticipatory, excited feeling.

Luckily, I do kind of get to relive some of that feeling with Jackson. He is so into birthdays, his and other people’s, and I can’t help but get excited along with him for HIS birthday. His is coming up, and he is practically vibrating with anticipation, and I can’t help but get jazzed about helping him celebrate.

One of the cool things about kids is getting to get a kind of second go-round at all the best parts of childhood. Birthdays included.

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