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by Ginger on August 10, 2014

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Even in the dregs of summer, I’m watching my fair share of tv & movies, thanks mostly to premium channels, Netflix & Amazon. Here’s some thoughts on things I’ve seen recently(ish).


Of course I watched the premier episode of Outlander. Of course I did. I watched it twice actually. (Alright, if I’m being honest, I’ve watched it 2 full times, and then snippets of the show another 2 or 3 on top of that.) I like it more each time I see it. I’m reminded of how much I love Claire as a character, how strong she is, and how much she takes control. I’m really excited to see how they portray her going forward. The first episode was very Claire-centric, which is in keeping with the book, so I can’t speak TOO much about Jamie just yet, but I think he’ll work nicely.

The Knick

Another period piece, another premier episode, this time with Clive Owen and a whole lot of blood and guts. Clive is what seems like a grittier Dr. Gregory House of 1900 in the Knickerbocker Hospital in New York. I spent a good portion of the episode watching between my fingers and saying “THANK GOD FOR MODERN MEDICINE” more than once. Probably more than 10 times. I don’t think this is a show I would be able to marathon, because whoooooo boy can it be gruesome, but…whooooooo boy am I intrigued to see what they do with this. But seriously, I won’t watch this one while eating dinner.


Yet another period piece, this one set in Los Alamos, NM in the 1940’s as scientists in the military work on building the atomic bomb. I was intrigued–I grew up near there, I have a general interest in the history of WWII, I think the story of the Manhattan Project could have some fascinating stories to tell. Sadly, I was pretty MEH about the whole thing. There were things I liked, but overall I was disappointed. I tried to make myself start the 2nd episode, but…yeah, just not interested enough. Womp womp.

Orphan Black

I know I’m behind a lot of people on this one, but I started watching it a while back when I was sick and I could watch multiple episodes in a row. I seem to be a bit of an anomaly in this one, because while I found it really fun and interesting, I didn’t find it OMG THE BEST THING EVAR!!! Maybe because I watched the first season while I was sick? I don’t know. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t something that I needed to go out and buy the 2nd season right away. I’ll watch season 2 at some point, but…I can probably wait a little while.

Sons of Anarchy

Ok, this is a little misleading, because I really just watched the last two episodes of last season–they had gotten erased with an unfortunate Winter Olympics overtaking my DVR situation, but I wanted to catch up before the SOA panel at Comic-Con (just in case I got something spoiled). ANYWAY, you didn’t really need to hear all that backstory, did you? So I finally watched those two last episodes, and while I’m not at all surprised by the end result, I’m pretty annoyed at how it all came about. I’ll watch the last season, because I’m invested in the ending now, but…grrrr. I’m not happy with how all that ended.

Drunk History (Season 1)

Why did it take me so long to watch this? There were some bits that didn’t work quite as well, but overall this is an excellent way to spend some tv time.

Now, some one line thoughts on some movies:

Wolf of Wall Street

Liked it, but DAMN those people were crazy.


Too many ideas, not enough of them were fleshed out, and some fairly head-scratching casting.

Anchorman 2

I will never get that time back in my life.

Inside Llewyn Davis

Love the music, thought the acting was well done, was a little confused by the structure, ended up fairly melancholy after it was over, would still recommend.



Seen anything lately I should be checking out?

Tragic Sandwich August 11, 2014 at 7:06 am

I didn’t even enjoy the first Anchorman, so your review of the sequel is very validating for me.

nonsequiturchica August 11, 2014 at 8:17 am

I am watching Orphan Black (just finished Season 1 and I agree, I enjoy it but it isn’t THE MOST AMAZING SERIES EVER) and Drunk History (we are watching the current season after loving last season).

I don’t watch movies that often, but I had the same reaction to Elysium. Especially the ending. Seriously????

Julie August 11, 2014 at 10:02 am

I also watched Wolf of Wall Street. It was not what I expected. I enjoyed it but man, it was over the top. I read up on that guy after and it sounds like he really was that crazy.

San August 13, 2014 at 4:36 pm

I am so AFRAID to even take a peek at Outlander. I love the books so much and don’t know if I want to see the series. I want Jamie and Claire as they are in my imagination…

april August 20, 2014 at 5:23 am

I watch nothing but baseball. Nothing. It’s a little sad, I think. I started rewatching Scrubs from the beginning, so there’s that. Henry thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen and that makes me laugh as much as the show.

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