Love/Hate Friday

by Ginger on June 6, 2014

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I am TOTALLY stealing this from K, because this is about exactly where my brain is these days. Let’s hit it!

Love: It’s Friday. Hallelujah.

Hate: The fair starts tomorrow, which begins my summer of horrific commutes home. First the fair comes, then the Del Mar races start, and there are summer concerts, and, just, BLEGH. Traffic hell.

Love: Almost my entire wardrobe for summer is maxi skirts & dresses. Which are basically just public appropriate pajamas. How much better can clothes get?

Hate: I need more appropriate shoes. I hate shoe shopping.

Love: Indie eyeshadows. I was really afraid of indie eyeshadow for a long time, because it’s almost always loose, which seems way scarier than pressed eyeshadows. But I’ve definitely gotten over that. Indie eyeshadow is where it’s at for me right now.

A small sampling of my new addiction (these are all from Shiro Cosmetics)

Hate: Honestly, there are just not enough days in the week for me to play with eyeshadow as much as I’d like.

Love: Orange is the New Black is back this weekend! I am SO excited!

Hate: I can’t just sit and marathon the whole season. Being a grown up is dumb sometimes.

Love: I’ve been testing out the Amazon Fire TV thing, and I have to say, I really like it. It’s super easy to use, and since it’s connected to my Amazon Prime account already, it’s pretty seamless. I’m a fan.

Hate: However, I have some serious “UGH AMAZON” feelings going on. I get these a lot, where my consumer side and my publishing side go to war. Amazon is pretty much killing off certain segments of businesses of all kinds (and dictating the directions of others much the way Walmart does), and we (consumers) let them because we like the ease and cost. I feel extremely conflicted about this A LOT. It’s icky.

Love: Game of Thrones is on Sunday!

Hate: Only two more episodes this season.

Love: Indie lipglosses. Even better? Custom indie lipglosses (made with any lip safe eyeshadow color you want). Yes. Please.

I mean, cmon now. (I’m going to do a review of these soon. Short version: LOVE).

Hate: I got samples of some of those glosses to try them out, but that means I have to use a lip brush. Somehow whenever I use a lip brush it looks like Jackson has applied my makeup for me. My skillz in this area clearly need work.

Love: We rearranged the living room, and it’s so light and has good flow and it makes me happy every time we walk into the house. It’s also led to a fair amount of purging of stuff, both from the living room and from other areas, including makeup and books and toys and games. I’m hoping to hit some of the baby gear this weekend if I can keep my energy/drive up.

Hate: On going belly troubles mean I may not have enough energy/drive. I’m getting tired of the belly pain.

Love: YA books, chic lit books, sci fi books, romance books, erotic books, various other maligned genre/format/aged books.

Hate: People who make grand sweeping judgments about entire categories of books. Shut your pie hole. Read what you like and don’t feel any shame.

Amy Lee June 9, 2014 at 9:54 am

Man, I hate when people judge my reading material. I am a fast reader and so I get through a lot of books and I like to change it up, some days I want to read light romance and other days I want to tackle War and Peace. Doesn’t mean one is better than the other, let me be!

Hope June 10, 2014 at 5:33 pm

I feel bad about shopping on Amazon, because I know I’m pretty much ruining America by doing it. But it’s so damn convenient! :p

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