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by Ginger on March 14, 2014

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If you read the title and then immediately thought “we used to be friends” then you are my Marshmallow brethren.

When I was working in New York, my boss was super into this show. She kept trying to get me to watch it, but I never got around to it, even though her enthusiasm was compelling. And then it was cancelled, and she was sad, but she STILL told me I should watch it. So I finally got my hands on some DVDs, and then proceeded to mainline the whole series.

That’s when I became a Veronica Mars fan. I fell in love with the show, with Kristen Bell’s portrayal of Veronica, with the whip smart writing, with Veronica’s friends, and yes, with Logan the broken, belligerent, brooding bad-boy. I was sad there were only 3 seasons, but at least that made it a little easier to binge watch? I had become a marshmallow.

So of course, last year when the Kickstarter campaign came out, and there was even a CHANCE of bringing Veronica Mars back, I was all over that nonsense. I contributed the first day, shortly after I sat down at my computer at work, and then spend the rest of the day with one eye on my work, and one eye on the Kickstarter total. When they hit the minimum funding goals, I may have done a little cheer in my chair. When the number KEPT climbing? I may have gotten a little misty eyed.

I know it’s ridiculous, but I’ve been misty eyed throughout the whole process since then. The Veronica Mars team was so invested, and they kept US so involved, and you could read their passion and excitement and joy in every update, and I swear to you, I would read updates and get honest to goodness misty that 1) I was a part of this really cool thing for so many reasons (I could talk for a REALLY long time about all the ways the whole Kickstarter campaign was cool, and amazing marketing, and a really interesting case study for social media marketers, and presents some really interesting questions for Hollywood, but I won’t. Unless you want me to, then email me, cuz I have THOUGHTS.) and 2) that these people were so clearly ecstatic to be able to bring this dream to reality. I’m fairly jaded about Hollywood and celebrity, but I just…this was so cool. The joy of the whole thing just radiated through it all and through all of the people involved, and it was just really cool to see and be a part of, ESPECIALLY given how jaded I am about Hollywood and celebrity, and shut up no, I’m not tearing up AGAIN.


I was always going to go see the movie as soon as it opened, but when it came out that there was going to be an advance screening fan event in select cities, and San Diego was one of them, well…I couldn’t talk myself out of it. I got my lazy butt up at 5:55 AM just so I could try and get tickets. I didn’t care if I went by myself, I was GOING. I was so jazzed when I was able to get tickets, I basically vibrated from the excitement the rest of the day.

And Thursday was the day. I found some Twitter people to tag along with, and after more excitement than really should be allowed for a 34 year old woman going to a MOVIE, it was finally time. We got our swag, and our seats, and waited, and waited, and then the house lights went down…

Neptune High ReunionI tried to get a picture of the t-shirt I got, but the theater was too dark. And I’m lazy.

If you’re a really big fan of something, I highly recommend taking any opportunity that comes your way to be a part of that thing with other fans. There was cheering. There was laughing (so, SO much laughing. I missed some dialogue because of the laughing). There was groaning. There was gasping, and shrieking, and sighing, and in a normal movie all of this would annoy me. But here it seemed to fit. There was this weird, fun, crazy energy that came with sitting in a theater full of people AS invested (if not more) in this same thing that YOU’RE invested in. I loved every single solitary second of it. And when it was over, and before the lights went back up…yeah, I got misty eyed again. What can I say? I’m a (ridiculous, sappy) marshmallow.

If you are a Veronica Mars fan, I don’t see how you won’t love the movie. As soon as it was done, I said “Do you think if we just sit here, they’ll play it for us again?” I want to watch it again as soon as possible, probably as soon as I finish this blog post (and once you watch it, let’s discuss, yes? Yes.). If you’ve never seen Veronica Mars, I still think it’s a good movie. You probably won’t get some of the humor (there are lots of nuggets for fans and call backs to old episodes), but they do a fairly good job I think of setting things up so you’re not confused. It won’t be like when my husband saw Hunger Games and hadn’t read the book, and was fairly confused for portions of the plot. If you have *any* interest in it, I think it’s worth seeing and I’m not just saying that because I want the movie to do really well so they’ll make another one. No, really. I swear. I mean, that’s part of it, SURE, but not the ONLY reason. I mostly think everyone should experience a little Veronica Mars & co.

photo(8)It’s clear where my loyalties are. If they could have added Weevil & Keith, this shirt would be perfect.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch the movie again. Maybe this time I won’t cry…but I’m not making any promises.

april March 17, 2014 at 7:18 am

I am a recent but fast VM fan (go Team Logan), and although I didn’t contribute to the kickstarter campaign (I didn’t even know what Veronica Mars was then), I downloaded it Friday night and watched happily. The Slate.com headline was “More of the Same” … like that’s a bad thing? It was wonderful, and my hope can just be that maybe someone will pick it up for more episodes. That would just be lovely.

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