I’m Thankful

by Ginger on November 28, 2013

in Celebrations

…for a boisterous, funny, energetic, loving, funny, sweet, challenging, curious, happy (most of the time) little boy.

…for a husband who loves me, supports me, challenges me, and makes me laugh, and who is an amazing father.

…for a house full of crazy animals, who bring that special love that only pets can give you.

…for my family, no matter how far or near, and their ongoing love.

…for friends who make my world better, whether they are friends from school, or work, or the internet, I’m blessed by them all.

…for a home–however messy and chaotic–that is filled with books, food, and all the comfort I could hope for.

…for a job that pays for all our needs and so very many of our wants.

…for a life that is blessed and full of love.

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