A 6pm nap? Sure, that won’t end horribly for everyone.

by Ginger on November 23, 2013

in Downtime

It is 6:15 as I start writing this. Jackson went to bed at 5:30. N.C. fell asleep on the couch at 5:40. The dog & the cat are both asleep too, but those don’t have quite the potential to screw with my personal schedule, so besides noting that I am the only living thing in this house that isn’t sleeping, I don’t really mind them snoozing away.

N.C. & Jackson, on the other hand…whoooooooo boy am I fairly convinced that that’s going to mess things up. But Jackson’s fever spiked up into the 102 range again this afternoon, and he was pretty much begging for bed by 4:30, and I just couldn’t say no to his poor deliriously loopy little requests to go night night. Heaven help us tomorrow at 6am though.

And N.C., well, if you can figure out a way to wake my husband up when he’s asleep like this, I’ll pay you to come over here and teach me. He’s one of those people that 1) can sleep freaking ANYWHERE, in almost any position no matter how uncomfortable and 2) is chronically exhausted because he stays up way too late to work most nights and 3) is almost impossible to wake up when he hits a certain kind of tired/asleep. Which is all well and good for him, except a nap at 6pm, even for someone as chronically exhausted as he is, means he’ll get his second or third wind later tonight and then stay up late and then be tired tomorrow and VICIOUS CYCLE HERE ANYONE?

But I won’t  complain too much. It’s quiet. No one is climbing on me (though, as usual, the cat is sleeping on my hands while I type this, which is all kinds of interesting. I…don’t understand cats sometimes.) It’s peaceful, and we all know how much I like that. And best of all? No matter what happens with these yahoos and their sleep schedules, I already called dibs on sleeping in tomorrow. Sleep all you want now suckers, I’m not on duty tomorrow until at least 9am.

Tragic Sandwich November 23, 2013 at 7:50 pm

Oh, I dread the 6 p.m. nap! But when they’re sick, what else can you do?

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