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by Ginger on November 14, 2013

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Let’s talk about STUFF, shall we? Specifically, stuff I’ve been loving lately and would like to tell you about in case you want some new things to love as well. And there’s not even any makeup in this list!

  • Coconut oil. So I started using Retin-A a while ago, and it has made my skin incredibly dry. Which I can deal with for the most part, but the skin around my eyes was seriously making me miserable it was so dry, cracking and flaky. Everything I tried on it made it burn to the point of tears. I tried probably 10 different things from all the recommendations I got on Twitter, high end, low end, none of it worked. Finally, I tried the one other suggestion: coconut oil. And finally, I got sweet, sweet relief. Now, I don’t use it on the rest of my face, because it makes me break out (I know other people don’t have that issue), but around my eyes it is seriously my absolute favorite. Maybe someday when my skin calms down from the Retin-A I’ll be able to use my fancy eye creams again, but for now, this stuff is bliss.
  •  CeraVe Renewing SA Lotion.  I have KP (Keratosis pilaris), which is those little red, rashy looking bumps on the back of (some of our) arms. It doesn’t really bother me except when it’s really dry, but I do get annoyed by the roughness of them. When I was at the dermatologist last, all the ladies at the front desk swore by this stuff for KP, and gave me some samples. I’ve tried all kinds of different lotions and creams on it, but this stuff is pretty much awesome. I can tell a difference in the roughness within one use, which is kind of amazing.



  • Simple Solution Urine Destroyer. A while back, my cat peed all over my closet floor (and shoes. I lost some good shoes), multiple times. I tried everything I could find to get rid of the smell, including the highly highly recommended Nature’s Miracle. I went through BOTTLES of the stuff. Nothing. Finally, in desperation, I picked this up walking through Target. I used the whole stupid bottle on two of the spots, but it worked beautifully. Two more bottles later (yeah, I basically had to soak the entire bottom of my closet), and all the cat pee smell is gone. Hopefully you never need this item though.
  • Quaker Real Medleys. This was another Target find, that I picked up on a whim because they were on sale. I’m SO glad I did, because I LOVE these. There are 5 flavors, and I like all of them, but my favorites are Cherry Pistachio & Blueberry Hazelnut. They’re incredibly tasty, very filling, and easy to take on the go.

Quaker Real Medleys


  • Zoya Aurora. This is just a really really pretty nail polish color. It’s got this really really gorgeous holographic sparkle in it, especially in the sunlight. Just, super super pretty.

Zoya Aurora


  • Tazo Chai Latte Concentrate & Vanilla Soymilk. I don’t drink coffee, and I don’t like much from Starbucks, but their Chai Latte, with soymilk, is one of my favorite things. And I have yet to have another chai I like as much–most other places they are way too spicy for my liking. I only like it hot, so I tend to only drink it in the fall/winter, and that time is upon us. But a Starbucks trip is out of the way for us (my husband drinks Peet’s) unless we’re at Target, so I don’t get them very often. SO, when I saw this concentrate I had to try it, and you guys, it’s AWESOME. I’ve been having a chai every day this week, and it is just so nice to be able to have this little treat without it being this big production.


So! Those are a few things I’ve been loving. If you have something you’re in love with, share with the class!

Tragic Sandwich November 14, 2013 at 6:29 pm

Blueberry almonds. I’ve gotten some from NatureBox and love them. Blue Diamond apparently makes some, but I haven’t looked to see if my grocery store stocks them.

Katherine November 14, 2013 at 9:22 pm

Try the pumpkin chai mix from Trader Joe’s. It’s tasty, but the bottom of the cup gets a little sludgy.

And did you try hydrogen peroxide in the closet? I’ve used that a couple times and it works well. I went for the pour out most of the bottle approach when using it.

Audrey November 15, 2013 at 10:54 am

I feel like I’m late to the party on this, but I just recently discovered chipotle chiles in adobo sauce when I had to buy them for a new-to-me recipe, and…holy YUM. I’m now actively seeking out more recipes that call for these delicious, spicy chiles because they’re so ridiculously good.

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