How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?

by Ginger on October 15, 2013

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I was really lucky to grow up surrounded by cousins from my mom’s side of the family–close enough that often times it was more like we were all being raised together. We didn’t always get along, but we were friends a good portion of the time, especially since we were all very close in age.

Well, in 9th grade, I went to school with two of my cousins–the twins CR & CL. The three of us girls got in some trouble, but we were mostly good kids who were friends, and who spent a lot of time together. Of course, you throw 3 teenage girls into one little community (I was in the first graduating class of my high school, meaning there were no upperclassmen above us. So my freshman year, we were the ONLY grade in the school), and you’re going to occasionally have fireworks. Add in the fact that we were FAMILY, and therefore had YEARS of relationship going on, and look, I’m just surprised it didn’t happen more often, frankly.

This time, we got in a fight at school. Which really wasn’t the smartest idea. I don’t even remember what we were fighting about, but I can picture us CLEARLY–we were standing in the hallway outside the band room, and crap, CR & I were just screaming at each other. At some point, she swatted at me? kicked me? I don’t remember exactly but suddenly things turned somewhat physical. So I just put my hand on her head & held her while she swung at me. Yes, like a cartoon.

MAN did that make her mad.

I don’t remember how the fight got broken up, or exactly how we ended up going home, but I know that my uncle was called to pick us up–because we were family, we were giving a one time shot at not having the school deal with it, but I swear, I almost would have rather had the principal deal with it than our parents! CL hadn’t been involved in the fight, but she was riding home with us too. The air in that SUV was palpably painful. CR & I were fuming, but we were also a little afraid of what the repercussions of our spectacle would be. CL couldn’t do much of anything besides look between us all.

It was a very quiet car ride.

There was one stop we had to make before we could get home. My uncle needed to get gas, so we pulled into the gas station & he got out. It was deathly silent in the car. And then, CL looks at me, then looks at CR, and then she pipes up:

“So! How ’bout them Cowboys?”

Just like that, the spell was broken. We all BURST into laughter, and suddenly the edges of the fight started to soften and fade, and the cloud of tension began to dissipate. I’m sure when my uncle got back in the car, he must have thought we’d lost our damn minds. Things were back to normal shortly, and we were smart enough to never fight like that at school again.

And to this day, the three of us crack up if we say that line.


Prompt from Bring Back the Words, Week 18

Heather October 18, 2013 at 2:03 pm

This is a FUNNY story. Man.

Family…the people that you love the most, annoy you the most, am I right?

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