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by Ginger on May 27, 2013

in Makeup and Beauty

So first I showed you my mascara, then my lipstick, then my eyeshadows. Now it’s time for….everything else! (Warning: a zillion links ahead).

First up, my face:


I don’t wear BB cream or foundation every day, but the one I use most often is L’Oreal’s Magic BB Cream. It does the job, and doesn’t feel gross on, and is easy to find. I don’t need heavy coverage most of the time, so this does the job.

I usually just go with the bareMinerals though. I’ve worn bareMinerals for a few years now, and it does what I want it to most of the time. I’m thinking of changing it up though, because I think my skin is changing (fine, I think my skin is getting drier) and needs a change of tactic. But I’ll go through this stuff before I try anything else.

The other three in that picture on the left are my newest concealers. Fake-up I only use under my eyes, and I love the way it feels, but it’s not a super heavy coverage, so if my dark circles are looking really rough, I’ll add in some of the bottom one, which is a Yaby sample in Honey I got in my last ipsy bag (that’s a referral link that gets me credits if you sign up). This sample is way too dark and yellow for the rest of my skin, but mixed with the fake-up, it covers up the darkest parts of my dark circles. And I actually do really like the formula, this color just isn’t a great match on its own.  I use the boi-ing almost exclusively on other skin imperfections (fine, I use it to cover up my zits. Freaking skin is worse at 33 than it was at 13.), and I really like the coverage I can get. I just wish it had a longer staying power.

The two pics on the right are my Sonia Kashuk eyebrow palette. You can see I have pretty much only used one color–I bought this when I dyed my hair red and suddenly my eyebrows were a biiiiiit too dark. This isn’t a perfect red color, but it helps. I need to learn how to do my eyebrows better…


Then we have the eyeliners. Look, I kind of love eyeliner. I wear it almost every day. Scratch that. I basically wear eyeliner every day that I’m leaving the house. If I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing eyeliner. There’s a mix of stuff in here, but most of it is Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil. I just love the way they go on. The double sided pencils all came from a set at Ulta that I cannot find anywhere on their site, but is like this only double in size. I can’t find it on Ulta or Sephora or UD’s website, but I saw a bunch in my local Ulta store this weekend, so they might still have some left in stores.

EyelinerswatchesFrom left to right: Eyeko Fat Eyestick in Petrol Blue(others use this for eyeshadow, but I mostly leave it as liner), UD Deep End, UD Muse, UD Zero, Covergirl Exact Eyelights Vibrant Pearl, UD Demolition, UD Perversion, UD Stash, UD Sabbath, Covergirl Exact Eyelights Radiant Sapphire, UD Zero (another one), UD Deliquent, Sumita Color Contrast Eye Liner in Raina, UD Rockstar. (All the Urban Decays except Muse are available as singles. Muse, I believe, is a color that was only for this set). 

These are some terrible swatches. Basically, there are blues, teals, blacks, browns, coppers and purples in here. Not that this picture tells you that AT ALL. Yikes.

I also have this guy.

NYX Gel Eyeliner
NYX Gel Liner & Smudger in Dark Brown. Which has become a new favorite for one of my new favorite techniques: tightlining, which is basically filling in the base of your lashes without having it look like you have eyeliner on. Hard to describe, so here’s a good tightlining tutorial. Shockingly, I’m actually pretty good at tightlining, and it’s really nice for natural makeup looks.

Then we have the rest of the face color:


The top left corner is the blushes. Hot Mama from theBalm is my current daily favorite (I’m linking these to theBalm’s website, but if you wait a little while, theBalm is bound to show up on HauteLook (also a referral link) soon, and they usually have some of these things for 50% off. Not everything, but lots). This pic is TERRIBLE, but it’s a nice peachy pink color, with just a little shimmer (I swear it’s more noticeable in the pan than on my face). I’ve also been trying the (OMG SO PINK) Be a Bombshell–it’s labeled Sweet Cheeks, but unless the photos on the brand page are way wrong, that can’t be right. I think it’s actually Beach Please-that I got in a prior ipsy bag. I’m not sold on it, as it is OMG SO PINK. I need a super super light hand, and I’m still not sure it’s right for my coloring. Then there’s theBalm Stainiac, which I’ve raved about before (also, if you read that from less than a year ago, you can see how DRASTICALLY my thoughts on makeup have changed). And a Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, which works so much better on me now that I’ve learned that you can/how to put cream blushes on with a brush (who knew?). For some people, their fingers are probably fine, but I get a better look with the brush.

Then we have some of the random things. On the bottom there is theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer, an absolutely gorgeous highlighter. I love this stuff, and a little goes a LONG LONG way. At the top right is Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil bronzer, something I got in the Sephora Sun Safety Kit (I’m linking this to Laura’s review because Sephora’s already sold out). I never would have bought this on my own, but I’m playing with contouring with it, just for giggles, and it’s pretty nice. AND it smells like chocolate! And then Sexy Mama by theBalm, which is just a translucent powder. I got it on a great sale at HauteLook, so figured why not?

And the brushes:


From left to right, top row then bottom row
1. bareEscentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer
2. bareEscentuals Full Flawless Face brush (I really need to replace this brush)
3. Sonia Kashuk small eyeshadow (similar to this one, but older)
4. E.L.F. Foundation brush
5. bareEscentuals Flawless Application brush
6. Japonesque blush/foundation brush (part of this set)
7. E.L.F. “c” brush (this is probably the worst brush I own in terms of distributing color. I wouldn’t recommend this, except maybe for blending).
8. Soho Crease brush
9. Japonesque eye detailer (part of this set)
10. An angled liner that I can’t remember the brand.
11. Essence of Beauty angle brush w/mascara comb (I wouldn’t recommend this one either, mostly because the comb head side falls off all the time)
12. Japonesque eye detailer (part of this set)
13. Japonesque lip brush(part of this set)
14. Japonesque foundation brush (part of this set)
15. Sonia Kashuk Medium eyeshadow brush (like this one, but older)
16. CoverGirl Exact Eyelights (the brush comes with the eyeshadows, and I swear, it’s one of the best brushes I have).
17. EcoTools Retractable Kabuki
18. Ulta Pro Blush Brush
19. Ulta Pro Flat liner
20. Ulta Pro Fan Powder Brush

So there we have it, almost all my makeup and brushes. I left a handful of things out, but you have now seen 90% of my makeup drawer/bag/cabinet. (And also, I really should stop buying makeup stuff, I’m thinking. I won’t, but I probably should).

Anyway, Makeup Monday has been fun. It’s been fun to look at my new hobby, even if I do kiiiiiinnnnnddddd of think I might have more stuff than any one person should. I’ve even started a makeup tumblr just for my little hobby (don’t expect much from that link. Seriously).

Thanks for joining me the last few Monday’s, and make sure to check out the other Makeup Monday participants over at Maria Melee’s!

bp May 27, 2013 at 8:34 am

Hi Ginger! It’s been a while since I have visited your blog! How are ya?

Just to switch it up I went from years of happily using Bare Minerals to using Bobbi Brown’s Mineral Makeup. You could try that, as I started feeling a bit dried out from BM too (hormones, age, diet?) and Bobbi Brown works very well. It’s been about a year now…. I think it’s getting serious….

i also LOVE eco tools brushes! How did I just find them now? They never shed!

Maria May 28, 2013 at 10:14 am

What do you do in terms of keeping the brushes clean?

Ginger May 28, 2013 at 11:06 am

I try to wash them all really well once a week–I just use my face wash (Cetaphil). And then I have a spray brush cleaner that I do a couple times during the week, especially for my eye brushes and my concealer brush. I don’t have a GREAT system down yet (right now it’s a…oh, hey, I just remembered I should do this), but I’m trying to get better about it.

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