The Office Made Me Philosophical

by Ginger on May 16, 2013

in Becoming Myself

We just finished watching the series finale of The Office, a show we came to late, stayed with for years, and then watched sporadically if at all after Steve Carell left. But we wanted to see these characters off, even though we hadn’t kept up with them very well the last year or so. As expected, it was an emotional episode, and, as I should have known, it was Jim and Pam who tipped me over from misty eyed straight over into crying. But it was this line that really has me thinking:

“There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kinda the point?” – Pam Beasley Halpert

It’s so easy in this world to get caught up in big things, to focus on grand moments, larger than life experiences, superstars, celebrities, fame, power, etc. etc. And it can feel, sometimes, like your life isn’t given as much importance or meaning if you’re not reaching all the time for those big things. But as Pam said, there’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. There’s beauty in little moments, in glances, in laughs, in the simple.

There is beauty in each of our lives, if we just look around. The Office was built on the idea of a documentary film crew who happens to capture every moment of these people’s working lives, and in capturing that time, they film friendships and romances and fights and laughter and looks and sighs and everything in between. It’s in an outside perspective seeing these people interact that so much gets revealed.

If there was a documentary film crew following you around, what would they see? Sure, they’d see the hard stuff–the stressful days, the self-doubt, the interpersonal challenges, and yes, the not pretty side of you. But they’d also see the good stuff, the stuff you maybe don’t even notice. Your spouse smiling at you as you walk in the room. You petting your dog while you relax on the couch. Your kid reaching up to hold your hand. Your family “dancing” together in the car. The laugh that escapes when your friend is trying to cheer you up with a silly comment. A hug from your mom.

There are so many small, ordinary, BEAUTIFUL moments that make up each of our days. They may not be grand, but if we could only see them with an outside perspective, maybe it would be easier to give them more importance. Maybe it would be easier to see the beauty they bring to our lives.

And wouldn’t it be nice to recognize and focus on the beauty we are blessed with more often?

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