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by Ginger on May 15, 2013

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Tonight, we went out to dinner to celebrate N.C.’s very successful Purge show–months of work that has a good amount of sales is always worth celebrating. When we walked into the restaurant, they had a musician (or 2? I never got a good look) who was playing, and the vibe was relaxed and happy and oh so nice.

This is a restaurant we frequent often–enough that we get asked if we want our “usual” table or our “other usual” table, enough that they bring us free appetizers for being such loyal customers, enough that they know how to talk to Jackson directly–and so we have a high level of comfort there. It helps too that Jackson has gotten (mostly) really good at being in restaurants, so we know he can handle himself, which takes some of our stress off. Tonight, he walked over to our table, ordered his drink and food, and then settled in with games on my phone and then crayons and paper while N.C. and I toasted to a successful show and a good payoff after months of hard work.

Later, after we had gotten our food and drinks, Jackson moved over to sit next to N.C. and I got a clear picture of these two together that just made my heart go pitter patter. They both started sort of jamming to the music, eyes closed, bopping around, and I just couldn’t help but smile, to see my boy and his dad, my husband and his son, so clearly cut from the same cloth.

Life with these two is never dull. It’s not always easy, as they’re both big personalities, but it is always interesting, filled with laughter and music and smiles and dancing and happiness. And sometimes, I get a really clear picture of the special things the two of them bring to my life.

Even if it’s just a little chair dancing while we eat french fries.

cliffie May 16, 2013 at 9:03 pm

Nice, just nice. 🙂

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