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by Ginger on March 26, 2013

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A while ago I wrote about my first experience with Stitch Fix, a personal styling service that delivers a box of goodies to your door based on your style profile. That review was extremely wordy, and based solely on one shipment. I noted that I thought it might improve as the fixes went on, and if my most recent fix is any indication, I was right!

Now, this fix is my 3rd one. The second one I got was an improvement over the first–I liked 3 of the 5 items, and ended up keeping one, this dress:

I don’t actually love this belt with it, but that’s mostly on me I think. I’ve worn it without, and it looks pretty cute.

The other two items I liked from that fix were an infinity scarf (it was the softest thing ever, but it was more than I was willing to pay for a scarf), and a black cardigan–which was cute, but I have one almost exactly like it. So, like my first fix, I ended up buying one thing, and sending the rest back.

However, this last time, Stitch Fix did really well. In fact, they did so well that I kept every item. Now, part of that is because you get a discount if you purchase all the items–there were a couple that I was a little iffy about, but it ended up being CHEAPER for me to keep them than to send them back. (It didn’t hurt that I had some referral credits that made it even more affordable).

So, do you want to see what my fix looked like? Good! Because I’m going to show you anyway. (Uh, I’m going to apologize up front here—my mirrors are filthy. Filthy. And these photos are terrible phone photos. But you should be able to get the gist).

So! First up:

This shirt is awesome. You can’t see the details, but there’s a little pocket, and the sleeves roll with a little button, and it’s super soft. This is also the first striped shirt I’ve owned in….a really long time. I wear it with a camisole underneath because it’s a little sheer for work, but I’m super happy with how it looks and feels.

Next up:

I adore this lightweight cardigan. It’s thin, which makes it perfect for the days that my office has cranked the air conditioning, but I still want something light, and the color is (obviously) fantastic. I won’t wear it with this shirt again (too many button details that show through the thin material), but I’ve got about 10 other things I can wear it with. Love.


Now, this one I was on the fence about. First of all, that stripe of orangey-pink is even BRIGHTER in person than in that photo. And the multicolored pattern is not in my normal wheelhouse. See?

So I was unsure about this one. Until I did the math that is, and figured out I’d pay MORE to not get it than to get it. Tricksy Stitch Fix, TRICKSY!

Next up:

WOW is that a terrible photo of an awesome dress. It’s a pretty basic black faux-wrap dress, but MAN is it flattering on me. N.C. looked at it and said, “Oh, yes, you need to wear that to date night!” I (shockingly) didn’t have a black wrap dress, and it was something I was looking for anyway, but even if I hadn’t been, I probably would have been swayed just for how flattering it is (in person. You clearly can’t tell from my photography).

And finally, the requisite accessory:

Which, DUH, of course I love them! These were another one I was on the fence about, only because of the price (they were listed at $35.00). I will and do pay that much for jewelry at times, but I was on the fence this go round. Until, again, math. It was cheaper to keep these AND the tank up there than to send either (or BOTH) back. So thanks to that tricksy math, I kept it all.

Now, after going through three fixes, I’ve updated some of my thoughts from the first go round:

  • My fixes keep getting better. I ALSO keep giving incredibly detailed feedback on both the things I didn’t like and the things I did. I’ve created a Stitch Fix board on Pinterest. I am very clear about what I like and why, and what I don’t and why. I think it has made ALL the difference.
  • I have not had something not fit since the first box. Again, I went back and updated my profile with VERY specific details on my body style, sizing, etc. Now, I’ve had things not flatter me, but even those fit, and I’ve gone back and given feedback on WHY something didn’t flatter.
  • Nothing has been over $80 since I updated my price range. Most things in each box are in the $30-$50 range, which is much more in line with what I’m willing to pay.
  • So what I’m saying is that the information and details you give are KEY.
  • I really like that you can set the schedule on the service. Whether you want it monthly, or just for a special event, or every couple of months–I like that you aren’t locked into one set schedule. I also like that you can choose the date to receive your fix (ahem, after payday, ahem).
  • The $20 styling fee is put towards anything you purchase. This basically guarantees that I end up trying to purchase at least one thing, so that my money “counts.” Again, tricksy Stitch Fix. Tricksy.
  • It still remains REALLY fun to have clothes delivered to your door. It remains really fun to try on things I might not have picked up (that blue & cream dress up there? I never woulda picked that up in a store. The striped shirt? Nope, wouldn’t have happened). It’s just…fun. It could easily get expensive, and I will likely stop getting them monthly after this next one, but it’s just…fun.

One note: SF still doesn’t have sizing over about a L/XL/12/14 size range (though they say they’re trying to expand their size offerings), so that’s one thing I think is a major bummer. My friend Melissa told me about a sort of similar service for plus sizes if you want to check it out for the fun factor: http://intro.gwynniebee.com/, because I do think it’s a fun thing to have clothes sent to you!

So! That’s my latest fix! I remain enamored with the service. We’ll see what the next fix looks like, but so far, I think the stylists have been doing a pretty good job for me, and I can’t wait to get my next one!

If you want to try Stitch Fix (that link is a referral link), they do say there’s a bit of a wait time after you sign up–it seems to be somewhere between 1 & 4 weeks before they process requests. If you DO sign up–I want to know what you get!!

None of this was sponsored. I just like to blather on about the things I enjoy.

Shalini March 26, 2013 at 5:19 pm

You make an excellent case for why sponsored content should not exist. Because this isn’t sponsored and so I TRUST YOU. And now I want to join Stitch Fix. (Except, totally agree on that wildly colored shirt. Not your thing. What were they thinking?)

Christa the BabbyMama March 26, 2013 at 5:41 pm

I wish I had the money for this! I wish it so hard! But I’m not a regular shopper anyway, so it’s not like this would make it more affordable for me.

Trina March 26, 2013 at 6:22 pm

You look great! I tried to sign up last time you wrote and still haven’t heard from them.

Cloud March 26, 2013 at 8:02 pm

You got some good stuff! I really like Stitch Fix, too. So much so, that I have made a rule that I can’t order a fix until I’ve worn everything from the last fix at least once! I have a teal cardigan to wear before I get to order another one….

I’ve thought about it, and I think the reason I am actually tempted to order another fix even though I don’t really need anything new right now is that it is heaps of fun to get the box in the mail- it is the surprise factor, sort of like getting to open a gift. Except I paid for it…. but somehow that doesn’t matter.

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