Always Look on the Bright Side

by Ginger on November 28, 2012

in I'm a Disaster

Well, THAT was a fun 24ish hours. But I’m feeling much, MUCH better (I even ATE today, WOOHOO!), so I’m going to look on the bright side(s):

  • I’ve lost a couple of pounds
  • I’ve made it through a lot of backed up DVR fodder
  • I got lots of sleep the last 2 days
  • The cat is happy because he’s had a lot of one on one time with me
  • I got to wear my pajamas all day

Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch. But I’m *trying* at least. Because yeah, that was NOT fun.

melanie jean juneau November 29, 2012 at 3:53 pm

sleep is a wonderful gift and the freedom to be in your pajamas all day is sheer luxury worthy of gratefulness even if your body had to breakdown to get you to do it–smile

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