Kidlet Tidbits (And My Bid For Parent of the Year)

by Ginger on June 7, 2012

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Well, that was a heavy couple of days around here, so I’ll lighten things up with some random little tidbits (and then the best video ever).

    • This week, Jackson started going to daycare 3 days a week. Ouch to the pocketbook, but we think it’s time both for him and for N.C.’s business. Of course, that means there’s a new schedule to get used to and the transition is already a little tough (poor kid was a wreck yesterday afternoon and evening, and this morning wasn’t much better). Which all means that right as he’s getting used to it, it’s going to be time for him to move into the 3 year old classroom. Just for added transitional fun.
    • Some of my favorite things J says right now: “That’s not a good idea!” “Bust my buffers, so exciting!” “Peet Stoop” “I’m sorry sir mommy” (clearly we watch a lot of Thomas and Cars around here) “It’ll be soo exciting” (that one is usually accompanied by jazz hands waving above his head) “let’s go to the libary mommy”
    • We went to a birthday party for one of Jackson’s classmates this past weekend, and it dawned on N.C. & I that we need to have an actual party this year. We haven’t done a real party yet, since J hasn’t really figured out what it means before, but he now VERY clearly knows what a birthday party is (even if he doesn’t know what a birthday really signifies), so we’re gonna have to make it happen this year. I’ve got 3 months to figure something out, which means I’ll probably wait until August 1st and then freak out. Oh, who are we kidding, I’ll freak out from now until the party, but I won’t actually DO anything until August.
    • Sometimes I legitimately don’t know if I’m a bad parent or if my kid is just wilder than some. It’s like discipline just rolls off his back. Most of the time I just repeat “he’s two, he’s two, he’s two” and leave it at that.
    • I mentioned on Twitter a few weeks back that I was submitting my nomination for Parent of the Year for something I taught my kid. And then I proceeded to get film of said submission. Behold:

Clearly, I win at parenting. (Hey, if you can’t teach your toddler funny tricks, what fun is that?)

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