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by Ginger on February 26, 2012

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This week has been weird. I feel sort of creatively blocked in this space, which I’m hoping will be short lived. But just because *I* haven’t been on my game doesn’t mean other folks have. This week’s Reads From Around the Web are proof of that!

Over at In Pursuit of Happiness, Miss Britt addresses those of us who have modest life goals in For Those Who Aren’t Ambitious. This came at a particularly relevant time for me personally, as I’ve been grappling with the fact that I’ve NEVER seemed to have the big dreams of many people I know (cough cough my husband cough). And in a world that seems to love to proclaim we all need to chase our passion and follow our bliss, it’s hard sometimes to be the one who doesn’t have that same drive. Miss Britt’s post is for people like me, and gave me more to chew on in this topsy turvy time of mine.

Over at the state that I am in, Erin shares her awesome skills with  Toddler To-Dos. I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new things to occupy the kiddo, and these look fantastic!

Over at Miss Zoot, Kim writes An Open Letter to ‘Popular’ Bloggers calling for an end to responding to their trolls while never acknowledging the people who read and love them. I have to say, I do find it rankles when super popular bloggers will *never* respond to comments, acknowledge their fans, reply to tweets…but will *always* respond to the haterz.

Over at The Anvil Tree, Sarah Lena gets political with You Know I Can Vote Now Right?  I find myself agreeing with so much of her post, but mostly I share her fear and anger. I feel like women are being made into the whipping post of this political season, and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how it’s 2012 and we’re having some of these discussions.

And for a little fun to end our week, over at Reading (with Chickens) Shalini has the Six Easy Steps to a Successful Tumblr. Who’s up for creating the next big internet meme?

And finally, this week at Noodle Knobs, I talked about the The Bits and Baubles of Childhood that have taken over every corner of our house, Ashley from It’s Fitting joined us with And the Oscar Goes To…, and N.C. and I chatted About the Mysterious Bruises the kid always seems to end up with.

Enjoy reading!

Penelope February 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

I was seriously attacked this week for being on an “Imperialistic Morality Trip.” he’s becoming creepy stalking – I block his ip addresses & now he’s using an ip address protection service. I never respond to the haters. But Maine Computer Crimes Unit will be knocking on his door this week…
I’m definately not popular!

Jamie February 26, 2012 at 10:31 pm


I just want you to know that I appreciate these weekly reads that you find and share with others!! =)

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