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by Ginger on November 13, 2011

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Another week, another Reads from Around the Web. Let’s hit it!

Over at DadCentric, Jason writes about the role a coach is supposed to take with his charges and the role sports can play for kids–and why the Penn State situation is a failure of that role on so many levels. Eloquently written, as usual from Jason.

Over at The Cheeseblog, Clara combats my blahs with How to Survive November. Any hints that include “it’s cheese season now” have got to be good!

Over at Freaky Perfect, Amy explains the Wild Boys Official Motto with a story about a bead and a nose, which made me laugh, but also made me fear for my future as a boy mom.

Over at The Happy Home Blog, Emily talks about the reconciling she does for herself as a devout feminist who has a home blog. It’s an interesting read in particular because I*personally* don’t think there’s any conundrum between being a feminist and wanting to do “home” type things, but I can see how other people might see an issue there.

Finally, over at Never Cook on a Saturday Night, Cortney talks about the REAL reason so many of us moms talk about wanting a glass of wine (or beer, or rum and diet coke in my case) after dealing with kids/work/responsibility all day. Surprise, it’s not ACTUALLY about the alcohol.

If you’ve read something awesome recently, share it in the comments! Happy reading.

Justine November 13, 2011 at 6:11 pm

Thank you SO MUCH for posting the link to the bead in the nose story! Because … this exact thing happened to us, and I swear I had the same conversation with my son in the car on the way home. !!! Incredible!

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