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by Ginger on January 20, 2011

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Whew, so ok, after the slightly contentious last post (whee, I don’t like conflict! It gives me agita!) time for something a little less stressful. So how about some Ask the Internet, huh? For any newbies around here, this is where I ask a bunch of random questions and you give me YOUR input. Because hey, sometimes most of the time the Internet knows better than me.

  1. Sooo, uhhhh, potty training? What are some good resources to start maybe thinking about it? Jackson’s been showing some awareness of when stuff’s happening in the diaper area, and I feel like there are steps we could be taking to start introducing the idea to him. But I really just don’t have any idea of where to start. So, any books, websites, or advice you can offer up?
  2. Anyone have any quick, grab-able breakfast ideas? Even if I have to make them over the weekend to have throughout the week? I’ve tried to make time for cereal or something, and I just…I know it’s lame, but I just can’t. So, ideas? I find I need protein or I become a raving lunatic around 10:30 am, but I need it to-go.
  3. Book recommendations? Trust me, I know how ridiculous it is that I work in publishing and I’m asking you guys for book recs, but that’s the way it is. Suggestions? I’m trying to find the books that will get me to my 1 book a month goal. They can be fiction/non-fiction, parenting, history, “chick lit”, just no vampires and no murder mysteries.
  4. Anyone know if it’s possible for a kid to grow INTO reflux? In the last couple of weeks, Jackson has started spitting up/throwing up some days. It doesn’t seem to bother him & it doesn’t seem to have a clear relation to a specific food. He doesn’t SEEM to be teething (for the first time in forever!). I just don’t know if it’s normal, or if it’s reflux, or if it’s a food reaction. Any ideas (and yes, we’ll bring it up with his doc)?
Alexis January 21, 2011 at 7:18 am

Oh goody, I love to tell people what to do! 🙂

Potty training- get a potty, get some cute books about the potty and just put it all out there. I “trained” Cha Cha by just getting a potty when she could walk and always having it there. She played with it, sat on it at bath time, eventually started to choose it, we eliminated diapers at home, then a few months later all day then a few months later at night…you get the idea. Not gonna lie, it took about 16 month to go from “meet the potty” to diapers only at bed, but hey, it was easy, she called the shots and we were day-time-potty-trained at 26 months-ish. If he is interested, give him a potty, if not meh, you don’t see many kids to college with diapers so whatever, everyone gets there.

Breakfast- Does it have to be traditional breakfast foods? I often eat a turkey wrap for breakfast since I know it will keep me full and happy until my next chance to eat in peace (possibly at 8pm…ugh). Doesn’t really even need to be a wrap, make yourself fake “lunchables” with some cheese, a hard boiled egg, some fruit and then grab one each morning.

Books- For “light” reading try the other Charlaine Harris series. She does some about non-vampire stuff and they are pretty good. Not great literature, but a nice way to pass the time. Also Sophie Hannah and Val McDermid are on my list right now.

Puking- Liz is also in a similar phase, we even wound up at the ER since it was rather sudden and Exorcist-like once, but the PA said “meh, kids drool, they swallow, they get hyped up, they puke, no worries.” She seems none the worse for wear so maybe that will help. I reckon they are always getting molars so who knows.

Hope some of this is useful…

shasta January 21, 2011 at 10:24 am

Sounds like J may have a touch of whatever godforsaken stomach bug was making the rounds last month. It bothered Mittens’ stomach for good four weeks (following two super-sick episodes, of course). She had the same type of thing – minor spitting up that smelled like vomit. I’m still paranoid that the bug will make a return appearance because I’m pretty sure the germs are still lingering in the infant room at daycare.

And aww, no murder mysteries? I’m addicted to Kathy Reichs books so sorry, I’m not gonna be any help there.

Michael @ A Daddy Blog January 21, 2011 at 10:32 am

Hi, Ginger. I could type all the tips out for you, but what I really recommend is the book listed in my wife’s most recent blog. It’s what we used and our daughter was potty trained in less than three days. More like one day, really. I’m not kidding. Oh, and the author of this book read an earlier blog by my wife’s blog praising the book, and has offered a free one hour consult (and an e-copy of the book) to one of my wife’s readers. I’m not posting this promote my wife’s blog. If you look you’ll see she needs no help. Neither she nor I have any financial ties to the book. We were just so thrilled with how well it worked we want to promote it to others. Just go to and it’s the most recent blog. Can’t miss it.


kate@ The Sacred Bee January 21, 2011 at 10:48 am

Books – I’m just finished Farm City by Novella Carpenter. Easy – good read. And, I loved The Help by Kathryn Stockett – long, but worth the read for sure!

Potty Training – We did a 3-day method with B, too and it sounds like the book Michael is talking about. It was an e-book given to us by my MIL and it was great.

Urping – I don’t know about this one. Sometimes Beckett just throws a bit for no reason and I reason that if it’s not regular and not bothering her – it’s no big deal.

Breakfast Grab-N-Go – I buy bagels from our local bagelry by the baker’s dozen and freeze them. They are perfect to put on the counter the night before and let thaw and then toss in the toaster. I also bake a big loaf (or two!) of banana bread and grab a slice or two as we head out in the morning.

Lisa January 21, 2011 at 11:33 am

I don’t know if John Grisham counts as murder mysteries or not, but I recommend The Confession. It’s a little depressing, but I thought it was really good.

Erin January 21, 2011 at 1:02 pm

Potty training: I tell all my parents at school to start with diaper changes happening in the bathroom and standing up. Potty stuff should happen in the bathroom.

Books: Oh my, where to start… Little Bee, The Thirteenth Tale, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (technically a murder mystery, but not genre fiction at all), The Hunger Games Trilogy. I could go on and on.

Katherine January 21, 2011 at 3:11 pm

I would also say Hunger Games. I’ve read the first one and it’s a quick but entertaining read. They are making the rounds in my office right now.

Katherine January 21, 2011 at 3:13 pm

Oh, and Nutri-Grain Eggos with peanut butter or Nutella.

bekah January 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm

Potty training. Oh hell no.

Books. The art of racing in the rain. I love that dog.

Perpetua January 22, 2011 at 2:35 am

About the puking, does it seem like he is purposefully gagging himself? Not like the spit-up is uncontrolled, but like he makes himself do it? Because if it’s the latter, then apparently that’s just a developmental stage. E did it a lot too. First he did it with fingers down his mouth, and then, oh then, he learned how to do it just by concentrating on it.

So gross, but totally normal. And they LOVE doing it, so it takes a few months to grow out of it.

Unless they get a cold or something, like E did this week, and then with all the snot and goop running down the backs of their throats, they rediscover their passion for puke. Ai yi yi. 🙂

Cherie Beyond January 22, 2011 at 10:18 am

Potty training: I actually differ from a previous commentor in that I refused to buy a little potty. I decided I didn’t want something else to clean poop out from. We just used a potty seat on the regular toilet and it worked great. No specific advice, we just made it up as we went along and it seemed to work fine. Only hint I have: bring him into the bathroom with you if you don’t mind, so he can see by example what’s supposed to happen.

Breakfast: Like someone else said, hard-boiled eggs are great for this. Peel them all at once and you can eat them right in the car. I will also bake muffins on the weekend and then slap some peanut butter on them (or make muffins with nuts).

Books: I got nothing, except the suggestion to go the library and grab something random. That always gets me out of a rut.

Reflux: Now I really got nothin’.

Ann Wyse January 23, 2011 at 10:27 am

On potty training:
At first I wasn’t going to say anything, because the whole process seemed to take FOREVER. And that might be really discouraging to hear at the beginning. The good news is they all get there eventually. And maybe being prepared for the long haul is a good time.

We did some EC when Noah was less than a year – but began earnestly at about 2 years because I really wanted him to go to a preschool that would only take him at 2.5 *IF* he was potty trained.

We tried the 3 day method. Which got us off to a good start, but certainly didn’t finish the deal. We also used little potties because he was afraid to sit for very long on the big potty. We carried a little potty around in the back of the car (YUCK) to use before and after shopping. It was 2 steps forward, 1 step back for about 6 months, until he was motivated enough by going to fun, fun preschool to keep dry. All the time. At night, too.

Anecdotally, girls seem to get the whole potty training thing faster than boys. And you know how people say, don’t push them, they’ll figure it out? Well, i pushed and he didn’t die. Some of his friends still aren’t fully potty trained (at 3.5), so NOW I’m happy that I did push, (BYT they are REALLY STUBBORN at 3.5) and I’m happy it all worked out, but I was really doubting myself in the midst of it. And I still wonder if I did the “right” thing or not. But, you know, whatever “right” is…

Brooke January 23, 2011 at 8:38 pm

Potty training: 3 day potty training method! Also, for us, having Kellen face the back of the potty was the trick. It solved the aiming issue and he squats to poop, thereby using the same muscle group as when he was a baby. At some point, this needs to change, but if it’s weird potty style or not being potty trained, I’ll take the backwards method!

Book recommendations: Just finished The Middle Place, which I liked. I’m just starting Where Men Win Glory. I loved Art of Racing in the Rain, Tennis Partner, Born Round, Open.

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