ControverSunday: Resolutions and Goals

by Ginger on January 2, 2011

in Becoming Myself

A new year, a new ControverSunday! This month we’re tackling resolutions, and in an attempt to reduce what is going to be a long post (don’t say I didn’t warn you), I’m just jumping right in. If you want to join us, you guys know the drill by now, hit up our hostess over at amoment2think for the link up.


Resolutions are such a funny thing. They rarely seem to work–even when shared with the world. They often end up making us feel bad about how much we didn’t accomplish when we review them at the end of the year (or is that just me?). Much like goals at work, if you wait until the month before the deadline, you’ve already failed.

But something about resolutions makes so much sense. I think, as humans, we want to embrace the idea of rebirth. We want to see the new year as a new slate, a chance to fix what ails us or improve ourselves and the world around us. We like the idea that we can be better, stronger, faster. The turning of the world that results in another year seems like the perfect cosmic time to at least TRY to be that person we want to be.

Well, I’m no different. I like to think that with the clean slate of a new year I can, with some thought and planning, come closer to the life, the self, that I want. But I’m doing it differently this year. Instead of a lofty list of resolutions–big, vague, scary looking resolutions–I’m borrowing a great idea from Jennie and making a to-do list.

This list will have a combination of big and little things, of lofty goals and mundane details. I may add to it throughout the year, as I come across new goals. My plan is to create a page where this can live on this blog and update it as I cross things off (or as I add). I hope to be more successful with this list than I am with my big resolutions, and I also hope that taking small steps towards things I WANT to accomplish will feel as big at the end of 2011 as I think it will.

Because sometimes it’s the big things and sometimes it’s the little ones, but all changes come from moving forward.

2011 To-Do List:

  1. Read one book a month that isn’t work related.
  2. Learn a great, go-to tortilla soup recipe.
  3. Attend BlogHer ’11.
  4. Try kale.
  5. Take Jackson to the San Diego Zoo.
  6. Finish The Biggest Blogging Loser.
  7. Find an “everyday” cocktail that isn’t mostly acid or caffeine.
  8. Get one complete outfit that makes me feel smokin’ hot.
  9. Have at least one date night a month with my husband.
  10. Create a media kit for my blog.
  11. Get a full physical.
  12. Paint the dining room.
  13. Cook more often.
  14. Buy a pair of shoes that I love, however impractical they may be.
  15. Get my rings & earrings cleaned.
  16. Be more innovative at work.
  17. Take (or have taken) a photo of me for Twitter & my About page.
  18. Bring more lunches to work than I buy.
  19. Go to the beach more than twice this summer.
  20. Attend a event.
  21. Get a family photo taken.
  22. Do our taxes before April.
  23. Go to bed before midnight at least a couple of times a month.
  24. Skype with my family more often.
  25. Say yes to as many social events as possible.
  26. Celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary with something awesome.
  27. Do one thing a month to pamper myself, make me feel pretty, or accomplished or special.
  28. Go to the Del Mar Racetrack during race season.
  29. Organize my desk at work more often than twice a year.
  30. Attend a concert.
  31. Visit a roof-top bar.
  32. Take Jackson’s handprints/footprints in plaster (or one of those kits).
  33. Be able to do 20 FULL pushups in a row.
  34. Celebrate my birthday with something other than dinner and a movie.
  35. Get our Christmas cards out before December 15th.
  36. Redo the categories and tags on this blog.
  37. Get at least 5 guest posters for NoodleKnobs.
  38. Organize my make up drawer.
  39. Lose enough weight to fit in this one dress in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear in 3 years.
  40. Drink more water.
Alexis January 2, 2011 at 9:55 am

I like the idea of a running list of goals. I was thinking of doing the same thing on a page for the blog….maybe we can do it and keep each other motivated? Either way these all seem like great, and realistic, goals for 2011. Good luck!

Melissa January 2, 2011 at 6:18 pm

I think it’s a great idea to have a to-do list and keep it posted (as long as you make sure you revisit it often!). And I see that you have a wide range of things – some “low-hanging fruit” and easy to cross off, while others are going to take a long-term commitment. You can do it and I can’t wait to see your progress! 🙂

Dr Sarah January 3, 2011 at 2:19 am

What a great list! I’ve added your link to my Controversunday post. Good luck with getting a whole lot of that done in 2011!

I note that, so far, of four posters, we’ve had two who don’t want to make resolutions, one who does, and one who’s making them under a different name. I love having that mix of different views – I’m definitely going to do Controversunday more often.

clara January 3, 2011 at 7:09 am

I love this idea of the to-do list! (I love to-do lists, perhaps too much?) With resolutions, I think the language is so important, what you call the “intentions” or the “promises” or whatever. You’re just all matter-of-fact – this is stuff to do, so I will do it. I really think you’ll rock it all!

Megan January 3, 2011 at 10:58 pm

Great list! I am looking forward to the updates on what you accomplish. I just know that you’ll be great. You are Superwoman, after all!

Oh, and about the push ups. When my sister was in town we played this silly board game, the kind with trivia and physical challenges. I was supposed to do eleven push ups in thirty seconds. I couldn’t do ONE. I should probably do something about that. But, I’m sure I won’t.

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