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by Essentials on November 30, 2010

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My kid loves to open and close doors. He can entertain himself with a door for like 30 minutes straight if we let him. Open, close, open, close.

But, like most toddlers, he has no sense of danger or self preservation. NONE. So, of course, his door habit has its dangers–closing the door on his fingers on one side and pinching his fingers on the hinge side.

Now, dealing with the door closing side is pretty easy–there are lots of products you can find to deal with that side of the door. It was the door hinge side that kept causing us problems. I looked for what felt like weeks, before I finally found it.

This is the Safety 1st Prograde Finger Pinch Preventer and it has been a HUGE help at our house. Jackson was getting his fingers pinched in the door hinge side more and more until we finally, FINALLY found this guy. Here’s what it looks like in action:

With the U shape, it can actually fit on both sides of the door–for the hinge side, you put the little ends into the gap, for the knob side, you put the wide side around the door. But we mostly use it on the hinge side.

The door can still close about 1/2 way with this thing in, but not enough to actually pinch little fingers. It’s saved Jackson’s fingers, and my stress level of being afraid for his fingers. For a $6 product? Totally worth it.

Lisa Sunbury December 1, 2010 at 10:52 am

This is a great find! I’m big on creating a safe home environment so little ones can explore freely, but not hurt themselves, or drive Mom and Dad crazy with worry. I was just saying the other day, about the little guy I care for, who also loves to open and close doors, “What we need is a…..” Now I know what we need! Thanks!

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