Lazy days

by Ginger on November 6, 2010

in Day in the Life

Last night and today, I had the house to myself while N.C. enjoyed a well deserved boys night out with his best friend. Well, it was really more of a boys night in, as they went out to dinner and then went back to friend’s house and played Rock Band until 3 am. Ah, boys.

Anyway, I had the place to myself and, as I usually do on those rare occasions, I had BIG PLANS. I had this crazy long list of things I would do. I would edit photos! I would work on blog posts! I would watch girly movies! I would upload videos! I would take a leisurely bubble bath!

Of course, in the end, what did I do? I ordered pizza and watched TV. I hung out on Twitter a bit, but Friday nights? On the West Coast? Twitter’s not so much a happenin’ place at 10pm Pacific time. But other than that? I watched TV. Thrilling.

And then, of course, I stayed up too late, because I am incapable of sleeping well when N.C. isn’t either 1)in the same building or even better 2) in bed with me. So instead of sleeping, I watched TV in bed until almost 2, which I was regretting seriously this morning when the kid woke up.

After such a disappointing evening, I thought I’d do some of my tasks today during the kid’s naptime. Instead? I hung out on Twitter and napped. I’m just a bundle of achievement this weekend. (although that nap was pretty awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed it).

I should be upset that I didn’t accomplish anything, but at the same time, it was nice to have some TRUE down time. While the kid was up, we hung out and played and that was awesome. When he was asleep I just…vegged. I’ll have to make up for it sometime, but I feel slightly rejuvenated by my lazy day. Sometimes, it’s nice to ignore all the things you *should* be doing, and just…be.

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