Wonderful Wednesdays

by Ginger on August 4, 2010

in Blogging & Social Media

It’s that time again folks! It’s Wonderful Wednesdays, a chance to focus on the good stuff to get us over the hump of the week. Let’s get to it! Here’s what’s wonderful in my world:

  • Little baby hands holding my fingers
  • Visiting with family
  • Almost being done with performance reviews (!!)
  • Work goals that actually interest me
  • Leftover roasted chicken for lunch
  • Figuring out technical problems with new websites on my own
  • A marketing campaign that did DAMN well, if I do say so myself
  • Feeling accomplished instead of beat down
  • Continued excitement over my own personal projects
  • Baby laughs to start the day

So what’s wonderful in YOUR world? Let me know in the comments, or grab the badge and post it on your blog!

Wonderful Wednesdays at RambleRamble

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