Use mesh food feeder for teething

by Essentials on July 11, 2010

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Jackson has been teething, pretty much non-stop, for about 2 months. He’s got 8 teeth, and is cutting at least one more at the moment. It’s pretty much never ending.

One day I was looking for a way to help alleviate his pain–he wouldn’t use the teething rings we had, he’s never cared for chewing on a cold washcloth, and he was just gnawing on EVERYTHING. Then I spied this guy:

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder
(but there are a lot of brands who make mesh feeders)

I had a couple of these laying around, that we used maybe once for their intended purpose of food. But you know what fits great in them? Ice cubes from my freezer. You know what my kid loves chewing on? These things full of ice cubes. He can shove them in weird areas of his mouth, suck on them, and jam them into the tooth that’s coming up.

They make a god-awful mess–water drips everywhere, and Jackson likes to trail it all over the house–BUT when he’s on his like 63rd consecutive day of teething and this can offer a little relief for us both? Godsend.

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